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AIS Forum revived the economic growth of 500 world startups


Bali – Archipelagic and Island States (AIS) Forum, an organization that focuses on island countries throughout the world, has played an important role in supporting the growth of the blue economy sector.

In his latest conference, Abdul Wahib Situmorang, an advisor to the Indonesian United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Climate Governance, revealed various concrete efforts made by the AIS Forum to advance this sector since its establishment in 2018.

One of the main aspects of the AIS Forum’s initiative is its support for more than 500 startups operating in island countries. This support includes funding and capacity building through training, workshops, business matching, and other initiatives. The main goal is to encourage innovation and economic growth in the marine and fisheries sectors.

“Support for the 500 startups through funding and capacity building such as training, workshops, business matching, and so on. The variety of cooperation between AIS Forum has brought various results, “Wahib said in a statement in Jakarta.

In addition, the AIS Forum has also succeeded in collaborating with more than 1,500 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), including women, youth, and people with disabilities, to help them develop their own business.

The scholarship program worth around 430,000 US dollars or around 672 million rupiah has been given, providing access to individuals for education and training that supports their economic growth.

“Also with the help of the research we provide to researchers and academics who have until now have reached 204,500 US dollars and produced the outputs that we have also made a pilot in other AIS countries,” he added

In an effort to support the development of entrepreneurship, AIS Forum provides an initial fund (seed funding) of 185,000 US dollars to various startups to develop innovative solutions that can be adopted by other participating archipelago countries. This is an important step to accelerate the global growth of the blue economic sector.

“Therefore, the AIS Forum’s high-level conference will be able to increase cooperation between islands and islands in the world,” Wahib said.

Meanwhile, Andreas Dipi Patria, Head of the Communication Bureau of the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime and Investment, emphasized that through the AIS Forum, Indonesia will strengthen its role in the eyes of international and provide benefits in the exchange of innovation for archipelago countries. This is in line with Indonesian diplomacy which focuses on real and inclusive cooperation for all people on islands and islands that are very dependent on marine resources.

“This is part of Indonesian diplomacy through a real and inclusive cooperation approach for the entire island and islands whose lives cannot be separated from the sea,” Andreas explained.

AIS Forum continues to be a leader in supporting blue economic growth and promoting sustainability in island countries, with the hope that cooperation between these countries will increase in the future.


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