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All Parties Must Participate in the Success of the 2024 Election


The 2024 election will be held in a few months and all parties are actively participating to make the election successful. The community elects candidates (candidates for legislative members) and presidential candidates (candidates for president) for a better future for Indonesia.

General election (Pemilu) is an event in which the people choose their own president, as well as members of the legislature. The election took place with great fanfare. Especially when the people could vote for their own presidential candidates (candidates), after the New Order they could only vote for parties, while the president never changed.

Election socialization continues to be carried out by the KPU. One way is to hold mass gymnastics. More than 100 people took part in the election jingle mass exercise initiated by the Tengahtani District Election Committee (PPK) of Cirebon Regency in the courtyard of the Kuwu Office, Dawuan Village, local sub-district, Monday 14 August 2023 afternoon.

It is known, the General Election Commission (KPU) has released a jingle for the 2024 General Election (Pemilu) entitled “Choosing for Indonesia” sung by the Chocolate band. The jingle was also created by vocalist of the Chocolate band named Kikan Namara.

The agenda for the Jingle Election mass exercise, which was carried out simultaneously throughout Cirebon Regency on Monday at 16.00 WIB until finished, aims to socialize the 2024 Election.

The Chairperson of PPK Tengahtani, Cirebon Regency, Fatwa Tajudin stated that this activity was specifically for the organizers to socialize the 2024 Election. At the event, the enthusiasm of the residents who took part in the exercise was quite high.

Fatwa admitted, his party wanted the level of voter turnout to increase. Although, in his own area during the previous election, the turnout rate was high in Cirebon Regency. Preparation after preparation continues to be carried out so that the 2024 Election will be successful. Going forward, Fatwa added, the socialization of the Election will be inflamed again at the Healthy Walk event in the local sub-district on Saturday 19 August 2023.

In a sense, the KPU has started socializing the election to the community. The way for socialization is not in the form of seminars or other formal activities. However, election socialization was held by doing gymnastics together, singing election jingles, and in other informal ways.

It is hoped that with informal election socialization, the public will be more interested. After participating in the socialization, they will know when the general election date is held, when is the campaign period, quiet period, announcement of election results, and so on. People will vote during elections because they already know the date long ago.

Community participation in the 2024 elections must be increased because it is one of the ways for this program to be successful. When all Indonesian citizens (aged 17 and over) vote, a successful election is guaranteed. They will not abstain (white group) or not vote during elections, because they understand that abstentions will damage their own future.

Election socialization must be carried out because this program is very important. The 2024 elections must be successful for a better future for Indonesia. When people’s participation is 100%, the election will be successful and elect the nation’s best son to become president of the Republic of Indonesia.

The community helps the KPU and Bawaslu (Election Supervisory Body) to make the 2024 elections successful. They also maintain conduciveness so that there is peace during the campaign period until the day the election winners are announced. Communities collaborate in guarding peaceful elections and make this program successful, because the goal is for a brighter future for Indonesia.

Meanwhile, President Jokowi ordered KPU chairman Hasyim Asya’ri to submit a report on preparations for the 2024 election. He stated several points in the meeting. First, the President fully supports the implementation of simultaneous 2024 General Elections and Pilkada (regional head elections). Elections are also on schedule, namely February 14, 2024.

Second, a number of ministers were ordered to support the KPU in organizing the 2024 elections, especially in terms of budget and logistics. They are the minister of foreign affairs, the minister of home affairs, the minister of law and human rights, the minister of finance and the minister of health. There is also support from high-ranking officials such as the TNI Commander, the National Police Chief, and the Attorney General.

Third, the President asked the KPU and its staff throughout Indonesia as well as the Election Committee to hold elections whose quality is maintained. Not only the number of voters is higher but also the level of education. While fourth, the KPU must be careful because elections are political. Don’t let political issues get out of hand.

Fifth, the campaign is carried out in the shortest possible time, a maximum of 90 days. Meanwhile, the last one, President Jokowi will deploy the apparatus to support the smooth production and distribution of logistics during the election. Logistics should also be domestic production.

The community and other parties such as the KPU and Bawaslu continue to participate in the 2024 Election. They also maintain conduciveness so that the Election remains peaceful, without any riots or attacks that have the potential to derail it. Collaboration is carried out in order to make the election successful, because this program has a good purpose, namely to elect a president and make Indonesia’s future better.

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