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Appreciate the Actions of Professional Security Officers in Handling the Susi Air Pilot Case


By : Pras Yauw Hehanussa )*

Very high appreciation should be given to the actions taken by all security forces from the joint personnel of the TNI, Polri and BIN who have carried out missions with full professionalism and handled cases related to KST Papua, namely not being carried away by ego and continuing to prioritize humanism and open up space dialogue, communication and negotiation.

The Coordinating Minister for Politics, Law and Security of the Republic of Indonesia (Menko Polhukam RI), Mahfud MD stated that until now, all the efforts of the Indonesian Government and supported by many other parties have played a very active role, especially for the mission of releasing airline pilots. the Susi Air flight, Captain Philips Mark Merhtens from the hostage-taking carried out by the Papua Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) is indeed continuing.

The Government of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) itself continues to put forward various ways that are very humane, uphold the principles of humanity, namely to continue to try to open up space for dialogue, communication and negotiations with the separatist gang on Cenderawasih Earth led by Egianus Kogoya.

It is undeniable that the main focus which is very important in carrying out the mission of the evacuation process until the release of a New Zealand male pilot lies in the safety of Captain Philips Mark Mehrtens himself.

Because, of course, it would be useless and in vain if it turns out that the mission and intention was to free the pilot, but instead, for example, the safety of the pilot himself is being threatened because he is now the prisoner of a separatist gang who have absolutely no conscience and often continue to carry out their series of actions full of crime, violence, cruelty and savagery.

Therefore, to be able to truly strive for the safety of Philips Mark Mehrtens himself, of course, all levels of the security apparatus from joint personnel consisting of the Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI), Indonesian National Police (Polri) and the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) must be able to continue to act professionally in the effort to free the hostages.

Indeed, all the security forces from the joint personnel, especially those who were directly involved in the operation of the Susi Air pilot rescue mission in Nduga Regency, Highlands Papua Province, were able to prioritize their aspects of caution in carrying out all the pursuit of KST Papua.

The aspect of prudence and professionalism so that it can be upheld very highly is very important because remembering that many people and civil society are likely to become victims, even though they are not at all guilty because of the attitude that has been shown so far by the separatist group. on Earth of Cenderawasih, they are a group of people who are very cruel and sadistic and completely inhumane.

So, it could be that they are not at all reluctant to make civil society, even consisting of children and women in Cenderawasih Earth, as their shield for life to return to bullying the Indonesian government and the security forces there.

Instead of having to accept that there is a potential for it to increase the number of victims which is really unfortunate and doesn’t need to happen at all, especially among civil society members themselves, then of course various kinds of sweeping activities have been carried out as well as steps to strategies carried out by the joint security personnel of the Indonesian Armed Forces, The National Police and BIN as well as the Government of Indonesia and many other parties must be carried out very carefully.

Don’t let the Susi Air pilot’s rescue mission only add to grudges and conflict in the future. So that all sweeping actions or strategies that are carried out should have clear targets and clear goals as well.

How could it not be, because even the entire indigenous Papuan people (OAP) in Cenderawasih Earth themselves are still hoping that their territory can return to a conducive, safe and peaceful state and situation. They are also not actually a society like many other people have suspected or been described so far.

In fact, the indigenous Papuan people (OAP) themselves are a people who really love peace and live with a full sense of tolerance among themselves. However, this good image has been damaged so far due to the large amount of negative news and issues, especially those related to the Papua KST movement.

For this reason, to all elements, institutions and state agencies concerned, which are still related to the Susi Air Pilot rescue mission to be able to leave their egos behind and be able to invite all related parties to sit down together in order to be able to find the best solution. The professionalism that has been carried out by the security forces with various humane approaches deserves a very high appreciation.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Kupang

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