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Appreciate the Efforts of BIN and PMI to Increase Papua’s Welfare


Papua – Appreciation colors all the efforts of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) through the coaching of Inspiring Young Papuans (PMI) to be able to improve the welfare of the people of Papua. This is in accordance with Presidential Instruction Number 09 of 2020.

The inauguration of the Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) in March will provide convenience for young Papuans, so that they can unlock the best potential of the Cendrawasih Earth Youth.

So far the youth who are members of the Inspiring Young Papua (PMI) together with the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) have provided a lot of guidance to farmers in Papua to be able to manage corn fields.

Regarding this matter, PMI Coordinator for Papua Province, Neil Leonardo Aiwoy explained that of course the program initiated by BIN through PMI was able to open up many job opportunities for local residents.

“PMI continues to strive to take other steps to improve the welfare of the Papuan people. Some of the concrete steps that have been taken include distributing fish seeds for the community, land use for planting corn, sago, animal husbandry to MSMEs,” said Neil Leonardo.

Several steps or programs that have been carried out by BIN through PMI aim to improve the welfare of the Papuan people. All of these steps are in fact very much in accordance with Presidential Instruction Number 09 of 2022 concerning the Acceleration of Welfare in Papua and West Papua.

High appreciation for BIN and PMI was not only given by Papuan youth groups, but also from the general public. Mama Agustina Marweri as a corn farmer is grateful that PMI can improve people’s welfare.

“The success of PMI establishment must be given to the leadership of General Pol (Purn) Budi Gunawan who is committed to improving the welfare of the Papuan people. I am ready to do corn field management as part of the PYCH program. Gratitude is given because in the end the local residents are able to work on their own land,” explained Mama Agustina.

Meanwhile, the Regional Secretary (Sekda) of Papua Province, M. Ridwan Rudindingun also revealed that the Provincial Government (Pemprov) of Papua continues to provide support for the corn processing program that has been driven by BIN through PMI for the welfare of the people.

“The Papua Provincial Government itself has also provided some assistance, namely regarding the construction of fences on corn fields owned by residents, as well as distribution of basic food items aimed at the community and several other assistance regarding agricultural needs managed by residents,” said M. Ridwan.

For information, all of the strong commitments made by BIN through PMI are to create a more advanced and prosperous Papuan society.

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