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Appreciate the Government’s Commitment to Reduce Stunting Rates


The Government of Indonesia has had a very strong commitment during the era of President Joko Widodo’s leadership to continue to suppress and reduce the number of stunting that occurs in the country. Even in realizing this commitment, his party also continues to ensure how all children and toddlers in Indonesia can continue to be healthy and experience good growth and development.

The President of the Republic of Indonesia (RI), Joko Widodo (Jokowi) continues to highlight very seriously the problem of stunting that is occurring in the country. According to him, the problem of stunting does not only affect poor families, but also children and toddlers who come from all-inclusive families.

It turns out that the facts on the ground show that even though people’s children are well off, in fact they still have the potential to be stunted. Of course this is a very serious problem and at the same time it becomes sad because even children from wealthy family economic backgrounds are due to the bad behavior of their parents, in which they have absolutely no time to pay attention to how the child’s nutrition is and are too busy working causing their child to suffer from stunting.

It is also undeniable that in this case, it means that even though the economic gain or background owned by the family does not guarantee whether the child can grow and develop properly, in fact they can be affected by stunting, especially if it is precisely from the parents who do not pay serious attention.

Therefore, no matter what the role of parents is to be able to control and supervise how consumption patterns and provide adequate and balanced nutrition to children, of course, this will be a very good thing in the whole process of growing and developing the child.

It would be useless if even though they have an affluent family background, the child is left alone and not cared for properly at home, which results in the child’s consumption being careless and them consuming insufficient and unbalanced nutrition.

Knowing how the findings in the field were, the Head of State immediately emphasized that the Government of the Republic of Indonesia really has a very strong commitment to be able to continue to strive for an emphasis on the stunting rate so that it continues to decrease.

In fact, related to how strong the commitment of the Government of Indonesia is, President Joko Widodo also immediately moved and went directly into the community by coming to Seluma Regency in Bengkulu Province to be able to ensure how the growth and development of children and toddlers in the country can be healthy. everything.

Even though it cannot be completely eliminated, the Government of Indonesia is very committed to being able to continue to reduce the number of stunted children and toddlers so that they can grow and develop even more optimally.

For information, during his visit to Bengkulu, the seventh President of the Republic of Indonesia then also directly conducted a review of a series of physical examinations of infants and toddlers. According to him, physical examinations are carried out routinely and are useful to ensure that all children there continue to grow healthily.

Not only that, then the Head of State also gave a very high appreciation for how excellent efforts have been made by Seluma Regency so far because they succeeded in reducing the stunting rate by up to 4% (percent) from before.

Of course, the success of efforts to reduce the stunting rate that occurred in Bengkulu Province cannot be separated from how the programs and policies of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia have been very precise and able to be conveyed or distributed precisely to all people in all corners of the country equally.

The reason is, if since childhood and toddlers, the growth and development of the next generation of this nation can be ensured to run optimally, they can continue to be healthy, then this will also have a very good impact on increasing human resources (HR). superior in the country.

It is not half-hearted, the seriousness of the Government of Indonesia itself in continuing to combat stunting cases in the country has also been carried out to the fullest with President Jokowi’s target of reducing it so that the stunting rate in this country can continue to be reduced to below 14% (percent) nationally in 2024.

In order to continue to be able to ensure how the growth and development of children and toddlers in all corners of the country can be healthy and grow well, the government clearly has an extraordinarily strong commitment to continue to suppress and reduce the stunting rate in Indonesia.

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