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Appreciating the Commitment to Continue IKN Development


President Jokowi has just carried out 
the groundbreakingfor the construction of an airport and a number of other supporting facilities in the National Capital Region (IKN) of the archipelago. 
The inauguration shows the Government’s commitment to continuing national strategic projects that are capable of creating equitable development.
As a vast archipelagic country, Indonesia has extraordinary potential for growth and development. 
However, complex geographic realities and differences in development levels between regions pose serious challenges.
Therefore, building strong and integrated infrastructure is the key to achieving equitable development. 
One important project that is currently receiving major attention is the construction of the Very Very Important Person (VVIP) Airport in the Indonesian Capital City (IKN).
This project began with the inauguration of construction by President Joko Widodo on November 1 2023. During the groundbreaking event, President Jokowi firmly stated the importance of this project as a concrete step in supporting growth and connectivity in IKN.
Located approximately 15 kilometers from the IKN government center, VVIP Airport will be a vital air transportation hub, connecting IKN with other regions in Indonesia and the world.
VVIP IKN Airport has impressive specifications. 
Built on an area of ​​7,000 square meters, this airport is equipped with a runway measuring 3000 x 45 meters. 
These facilities allow large aircraft such as the Boeing 777-300 ER and Airbus A380 to land comfortably.
Apart from that, the presence of a helipad that can accommodate three helicopters, an apron that can accommodate three large-body aircraft, as well as GSE parking, airside checkpoints, hangars, cargo, catering and various other facilities make VVIP IKN Airport a very comprehensive air infrastructure. .
The presence of VVIP Airport has become a catalyst for economic development and connectivity in IKN. 
A number of other development projects, such as Mayapada Hospital, Hermina Hospital, the Pakuwon Group multi-purpose area, and SDN 020 Sepaku, are all part of the government’s vision to make IKN a center for economic growth and connectivity throughout Indonesia.
This initiative is proof of the government’s commitment to advancing regions outside Java, overcoming the development gap which has been a major problem.
The construction of the IKN VVIP Airport is also a clear example of how the Land Bank Agency supports this agenda. 
The Land Bank Agency has provided 4,162 hectares of land for this project, of which 347 hectares are specifically designated for IKN Airport.
This step is a concrete manifestation of the Land Bank Agency’s commitment to carrying out its mandate as stated in Government Regulation (PP) Number 64 of 2021.
Parman Nataatmadja, Head of the Land Bank Agency, explained that this agency not only plays a role in procuring land for development, but also in ensuring the availability of land for public purposes.
In this case, the construction of the IKN VVIP Airport is one of the main priorities. 
This is an indication that the Land Bank Agency is not only focused on major infrastructure development, but also on allocating land for the benefit of the community through Agrarian Reform, with a minimum of 30 percent of land allocated to the community.
With the land allocation of 1,883 hectares which will be given to the community in the HPL area of ​​the Land Bank Agency through GTRA, it is hoped that the community can utilize this land to improve their economy.
Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi emphasized that VVIP IKN Airport will become a vital center for air transportation that will serve large-body aircraft. 
The plan is that limited operations will begin in July 2024, with full operations scheduled for December 2024.
The airport will be able to serve aircraft such as the Boeing 777-300ER and Airbus A380, which are wide-body aircraft and capable of carrying a significant number of passengers. 
With modern and well-integrated facilities, IKN Airport will play an important role in improving inter-regional connectivity and supporting economic growth in East Kalimantan.
The construction of IKN Airport is a real manifestation of the government’s commitment to implementing the Indonesia Centric paradigm, which emphasizes that development must not only focus on the island of Java, but must also cover the entire archipelago.
In the words of Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi, the construction of IKN Airport is clear evidence that the government views development as a joint effort to achieve economic progress and equal connectivity throughout Indonesia.
The construction of IKN Airport is a big step that must be appreciated. 
This initiative is an important step in supporting economic growth, connectivity and equitable development across the country.
For the people in IKN and its surroundings, VVIP IKN Airport will open up new opportunities in terms of mobility, employment and economic growth. 
For all of Indonesia, this is a clear example of the government’s commitment to advancing the entire archipelago.
In appreciating the government’s commitment, we as Indonesian people have a responsibility to continue to support this development and ensure that its benefits can be felt by all Indonesian people. 
We are reminded to unite, work together, and continue to encourage sustainable development throughout Indonesia.
As an archipelagic country with extraordinary potential, Indonesia has many challenges and opportunities. 
The construction of IKN Airport is an important step in realizing the government’s vision for equitable development. 
In the spirit of mutual cooperation and unity, let us together build a better, fair and prosperous future for all Indonesian citizens. 
With commitment and hard work, we can achieve success together, and VVIP IKN Airport will be a reflection of Indonesia’s progress.

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