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Appreciating the Success of Security Forces in Arresting Weapon Suppliers for KST Papua


Appreciation should be addressed to the security forces from the joint personnel who succeeded in arresting the perpetrators of the supply of homemade firearms (senpi) which will be distributed to KST Papua.

The security forces consisting of the joint forces of the Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI), the Indonesian National Police (Polri) and the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) have been working hard tirelessly to continue to create a conducive situation and condition in the Cenderawasih Earth region.

They have risked a lot of things including their own lives in struggling and continuing to fight various kinds of movements carried out by the Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST), which have continued to intensify various kinds of heinous and barbaric acts of violence that have resulted in the death of security forces. and innocent Papuans (OAP).

Recently the movements carried out by the separatist group from Bumi Cenderawasih have continued to be massive, but thanks to the hard work and also the quick response steps initiated by all levels of the security apparatus from the joint personnel, it has resulted in a lot of terror that continues to be spread by the treason group. again successfully suppressed so that conditions in the Land of Papua can return to being conducive as soon as possible.

The massive movement carried out by KST Papua is because so far they have illegal arms suppliers, which of course they use in various kinds of actions.

Recently, a man who served as a supplier of weapons for the separatist gang was arrested by the security forces from the joint TNI and Polri personnel in the Yalimo Regency, Papua Mountains Province. When he was arrested during a search of his belongings, evidence was found in the form of an M-16 firearm.

Not only that, the man who delivered or supplied the weapons also carried millions of rupiah in cash, which the security forces found from joint personnel when they searched his belongings.

Possession of the millions of rupiah in cash that the man brought was allegedly left over from buying firearms (senpi) that he delivered to KST Papua. However, there are other facts which also state that the millions of rupiah in the possession of the man were allegedly going to be used to buy firearms that had previously been ordered.

The chronology of the man’s arrest began when he was wearing a motorized vehicle carrying a bag. Seeing the motorcyclist’s behavior, the Yalimo Resort Police immediately stepped in to suspect him. The Polres then immediately contacted the Elelim Security Post to coordinate so they could stop the motorcyclist for an inspection.

It turned out that it was true, from the results of the initial suspicion that the security forces had of the man who was driving a motorized vehicle and wearing a bag, it turned out that he was indeed hiding something. After a search was carried out, in the bag an improvised rifle was found and around 600 rounds of ammunition up to millions of rupiah.

Regarding the arrest of the weapons supplier for KST Papua, the Head of the Operations Task Force (Satgas Ops) Damai Cartenz, Police Chief Commissioner (Kombes Pol) Faizal Ramadhani revealed that the perpetrators of the supply of homemade rifles had been arrested by officers from the Yalimo Police together with a joint team from the Indonesian National Police who served in that region. The arrest of a supplier of homemade firearms to KST Papua by security forces from joint personnel deserves appreciation because of how strong intuition the security forces have on the ground to suspect the perpetrators so that swift action steps to carry out a stop and search have proven to be able to prevent the guns from being distributed to separatist groups.

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