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Appreciating the Success of the Security Forces in Cracking Down on KST Papua


Not a few parties support the immediate resolution of the Terrorist Separatist Group (KST) in Papua by the security forces for the sake of developing people’s welfare in Papua. The actions carried out by KST Papua have disturbed the Indonesian people, especially the people who live in Papua. Of course, this made the security forces have to act decisively against the KST who had caused a tantrum in Papua.

KST Papua is also known to involve middle and high school students in attacking TNI personnel. The local people also started to feel hot and wanted to expel the members of the KST gang to leave their village. This shows that indigenous Papuans also reject the arrival of KST.

One of the KST members who surrendered admitted that many of them did not really want Papuan independence and formed the Federal Republic of West Papua. There are those who just join in and are tempted by KST’s offer that promises a good life. Moreover, KST also allows its members to hold firearms which are considered to be used for style.

The security forces also never stop being on standby in Papua, despite the difficult geographical conditions, but the security forces are still trying to control the terrain by exploring every inch of Papua. There is no word of despair, because the country must be defended from separatist groups, even though personal safety is at stake.

The Papuan people also appreciate the security forces for all the efforts that have been made to protect the Papuan people. Moreover, the security forces managed to find the location of the KST headquarters and were immediately attacked by security forces to eradicate these irresponsible elements.

Security forces also raided the KST Papua headquarters in Yahukimo Regency, Papua, on August 1, 2023. The aftermath of the ambush was as a response to the attack on the Paradiso Brimob post.

The attack on the Paradiso Brimob post led to shots allegedly coming from a Papuan KST member with the initials AS after being investigated by the Cartenz Damai Task Force. Then not long after, the KST Papua headquarters was found by security forces and they were ready to raid it.

Papua Police Chief Mathius D Fahiri confirmed that the results of the raid ended in the death of two Papuan KST members. Indeed, there was resistance that ended in the death of two KST members and injuring one Brimob member, Bharatu, Jogianus Ricko, who received a gunshot wound to the left thigh. Several pieces of evidence were also found at the scene, including six firearms, ammunition and other evidence that had been secured by the security forces.

Knowing this news, of course the people who live in Papua, especially Papua Mountains, feel relieved after learning that little by little the Papuan KST is starting to falter and be eradicated. The residents also appreciated all the efforts that had been made by the security forces during the attack on the KST Papua headquarters where they nestled. The reason is, KST Papua has been acting brutally for a long time.

Meanwhile, National Police Chief Gen. Police Listyo Sigit Prabowo said that in enforcing the law against KST it must also be firm and measurable. He also admitted that his party would continue to oversee security in Papua. Listyo also admitted that he would continue to communicate with Komnas HAM at the center and in Papua. This aims to ensure that the steps taken by the staff are proportional.

In early 2023, KST acted anarchically by burning the Oksibil 1 State Vocational High School (SMK), Bintang Regency. The incident set a classroom on fire. There were no casualties in the incident because the fire incident occurred when there were no teaching and learning activities.

The school burning that was carried out by KST is of course proof that KST does not want development in Papua. KST is not happy if the younger generation in Papua gets a proper education. The chaos even paralyzed the economic sector.

Meanwhile, in the series of the 78th Indonesian Independence Day, KST acted by disrupting security and threatening the safety of the people in the Central Highlands of Papua. The security disturbance from KST was in the form of shooting towards Trikora Field, Kago Village, Ilaga District, Puncak Regency, Central Papua Province.

Not only that, KST also set fire to the SMAN 1 Ilaga Library Building on August 17 2023, at around 13.28 WIT. The heinous arson action was carried out by KST led by Titus Murib. The day before, three residents were reported dead after a shooting allegedly carried out by the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) at the Yosoma Complex, Jalan Batas Batu, Nduga Regency, Papua Mountains.

So far, the TNI in Papua has carried out activities to assist the various difficulties and needs of the Papuan people. Of course in acting must be humane and must not offend the people. However, KST also continues to act through various acts of terror against the people of Papua, by killing innocent people, as well as killing state officials who are on duty.

Of course, the courage and firmness of the security forces should be appreciated. Security efforts in Papua must be continued so that development in Papua can continue.

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