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Attending National Lecture at UI, Ganjar Pranowo Says Leaders Must Be Optimistic


JAKARTA — Attending a national lecture at UI, Ganjar Pranowo said that a leader should be someone who continues to be optimistic and he also touched on the problem of law enforcement in Indonesia.

The presidential candidate promoted by PDI Perjuangan, Ganjar Pranowo, attended a national lecture held by FISIP UI in Depok on Monday (18/9).

On this occasion, he stated that a leader should be able to continue to provide optimism.

“Leaders must provide optimism, data and facts can be presented, and leaders are not angels who can complete it with all perfection. “There’s no such thing,” said Ganjar.

Indeed, the Indonesian nation has many problems, one of which is the practice of corruption.

This also includes how public services in the country are currently not running well.

“Today I might say that Indonesia’s track record is not that bad, it is clear that there are problems, corruption yes, there are problems with poor public services,” said Ganjar.

Even so, Indonesia’s position in the international sphere remains good, as evidenced by the G20 and ASEAN Summit events where the country is the chairman.

So it is clear that Indonesia’s global political map is a good thing.

“So what exactly are we doing to be able to contribute, to be able to prove that our G20 has an important role, our ASEAN has a quite important role. “This means that our roadmap in global politics is not too bad,” concluded Ganjar.

Apart from that, the white-haired leader also highlighted the issue of law enforcement in Indonesia.

“Law enforcement in a fairly broad sense. “We haven’t finished our homework,” said Ganjar.

To be able to carry out good law enforcement, there must be regulations, institutions and actors.

According to Ganjar, actors themselves have a crucial part in realizing fair laws because without good actors, of course the legal system cannot be created well.

“The actors are happy, it doesn’t work. “The system is good, the actor is flexible, he will stick to what he wants, not what the system says because the people below don’t have the courage,” he said.

Previously, in his remarks, the Dean of FISIP UI, Sumiarto Aji Purwanto, explained that the national lecture agenda was carried out regularly on his campus.

“This national lecture event is held regularly, maybe 3-4 times a year,” said Aji at the location.

Furthermore, Aji also admitted that Ganjar himself was part of the FISIP UI extended family because he was an alumnus of the postgraduate program there.

“Mr Ganjar is the Chairman of the UGM Alumni Association who also graduated from UI,” said Aji, greeted by laughter from the national lecture participants.

All UI students have always been required to be able to think and be sensitive to various things that exist in society.

“FISIP UI students must be critical and sensitive to various things in society,” he concluded.


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