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Avoid Identity Politics To Create Peaceful Elections


Jakarta – Identity politics is one of the things that needs to be avoided in order to maintain security and stability ahead of the election. The emergence of identity politics often leads to friction that creates conflict. Therefore Identity Politics needs to be avoided in order to create peaceful elections. The thing that can be done is a declaration of a peace voter.

The Tasikmalaya City General Election Commission (KPU) has carried out the declaration of peaceful elections on August 16, 2023. The event was attended by representatives of parties participating in the 2024 election, who were also asked to sign a commitment so that next year’s elections would run peacefully.

The declaration which was held at the Grand Metro Hotel in Tasikmalaya City was also attended by representatives from the police, military and community representatives. Ade Zainul Mutaqin as Chair of the Tasikmalaya City KPU said that the implementation of the election has the potential for conflict not only between election participants, but can also occur among the community. This is what underlies the Tasikmalaya City KPU to hold a declaration to strengthen the commitment to maintain peaceful elections so that safe, conducive and peaceful elections can be realized.

Ade said that one of the points of commitment to keeping the elections peaceful was the agreement of all parties to avoid the politicization of SARA or identity politics. He also hopes that all parties are asked to continue to respect the differences that exist during the election. In addition, the related parties also agreed to resolve all existing problems through the corridors of the applicable laws and regulations.

The Acting Mayor of Tasikmalaya Cheka Virgowansyah gave his appreciation regarding the implementation of the peaceful election declaration held by the KPU. He said that all elements are ready to provide support for the holding of peaceful elections, respecting rights and differences. On the other hand, the public is also asked to avoid hoaxes and black campaigns.

            Even though they have different choices, the community must be able to believe that whoever will become a future leader is the nation’s best son who is willing to serve the country and the region, therefore it is only fitting for the community to attack each other.

Mahfud MD as the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs also invited the public to welcome the 2024 Election peacefully. Not only peaceful, the 2024 election must also run smoothly and with integrity. In order to lead to a peaceful election, of course, one must first have sensitivity and be alert to address various indications of vulnerabilities in the holding of elections, which can later disrupt the electoral stages.

In this all-digital era, many narratives appear on social media where these narratives sometimes contain negative things aimed at election participants. This is what the public should be aware of, don’t let it just be because of posts on social media, upheavals ensue.

To anticipate this, of course a literacy culture is important for the community in receiving various information from various platforms. Do not let social media accounts easily share information that is not yet clear.

On a different occasion, ahead of the 2024 elections, the West Java Provincial Government held a peace declaration at the Gedung Sate Plaza on Jalan Diponegoro, Bandung City. Napak Jagat Pasundan Bhayangkara Ngajaga Overtime activities were also held.

The event which was attended by the Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, was also filled with a peace declaration and the signing of the 2024 peaceful election declaration by representatives of political parties, the Governor of West Java, the West Java Regional Police Chief and the invitees who attended.

On this occasion, Ridwan Kamil also said that the 2024 elections would take place soon. Every political party is invited to jointly protect, respect and secure the security situation and public order in West Java. That’s why the West Java Provincial Government is collaborating with the TNI-Polri so that the West Java Region remains safe and conducive.

He also said that every 5 years the implementation of elections, West Java is always safe, peaceful and conducive. Because of this, the West Java Provincial Government would like to thank the KPU and the West Java Bawaslu for always maintaining conducivity in society.

Meanwhile, Indonesian Vice President Ma’ruf Amin said experience taught the moment of holding elections which was a time when national unity was tested. Society also has the potential to be polarized due to the heat of political tension. Therefore, unification of steps is needed so that the implementation of the upcoming 2024 elections does not cause tension and potential for conflict in society. According to him, one example of the polarization that occurred during the previous election was that some supporters brought each other down with the issue of identity politics.

Differences in choice are a natural thing, such a winning strategy puts forward a sense of national unity so that the people. Identity politics must completely disappear in Indonesia, because it actually harms many parties, including the general public. So that strengthening literacy about politics needs to be disseminated to the community in order to realize elections with integrity.

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