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Becoming a Tolerant Leader, Ganjar Pranowo Prepares the Acceleration of the Arrangement of the Borobudur Temple


By: Arif Hamim Azhar )*

Being a leader who is very tolerant amidst the many different backgrounds in Indonesia, Ganjar Pranowo is firmly committed to continuing to prepare for acceleration for arrangements throughout the Borobudur Temple area for religious events. In addition, with good management, it will also be able to help improve the welfare of the local community.

Regarding the implementation of several activities or events that will be held, the Presidential Candidate (Capres) carried by the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P), Ganjar Pranowo admits that he has a very strong commitment and is very ready to make various accelerations.

One of them is related to efforts to accelerate the completion of a number of homework regarding how to arrange the area at Borobudur Temple, which continues to be a concern and its main focus, including preparing for electric vehicles.

The use of electric vehicles itself is indeed intended as a concrete form and manifestation of Ganjar Pranowo’s commitment to fully support ideas related to the shift in energy use, from previously fossil-based energy to optimal and maximum use of new, renewable energy (EBT), which will also have a very good impact on the environment in the future.

How could it not be, because if humans continue to use fossil-based energy, then of course this is not good at all and will bring many bad consequences because fossils themselves are non-renewable energy materials, besides that it will also increase carbon dioxide (Co2) production.

Furthermore, Ganjar Pranowo expressed his commitment to continue to carry out various steps and methods to strategies in accelerating the arrangement in the Borobudur Temple area and at this time this continues to be intensified until the tager is until the end of 2024, all must be completed and there are absolutely no projects which then just end up stalling.

At the National Coordination Meeting (Rakornas) for the Development of 5 Super Priority Tourism Destinations in 2023, the Provincial Government (Pemprov) of Central Java (Jateng) and also the Government of Kabupetan (Pemkab) Magelang got homework that they are expected to be able to continue to intensify and maintain the implementation of all events there, to the optimization of electric vehicles (electric vehicles), including the arrangement of the Kujon Market and waste management.

Ganjar Pranowo revealed that he was asked to be able to continue to oversee all events under his leadership, especially regarding religious events at Borobudur Temple. Supervision of the entire event so that it can run smoothly is also continuously carried out by working together with Injourney.

Regarding how other homework such as optimizing the use of electric vehicles, the leader who is identical with white hair said that his party had started to carry out introductions including also continuing to try to find Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) so that in the future people would also become more familiar with and have an interest in using only electric vehicles.

According to him, another goal of intensifying the use of electric vehicles at every event in the Borobudur Temple area is because the entire Cansi area uses transportation that does not pollute the environment and the area itself so as to bring comfort to all parties.

The man who served as Governor of Central Java Province for the last 2 (two) terms said that of course all of this work would not be completed properly and smoothly if it did not get the full support of the whole community.

Therefore, it is also very important for the community to be able to continue to provide good support through active participation and participation in the successful construction of houses in the Borobudur Temple area, because later it is also the community members themselves who will be able to directly benefit from how the temple area is arranged properly.

With a very good arrangement throughout the Borobudur Temple area, the potential for visits from all tourists, both local and foreign, will also be greatly enlarged, which will have an impact on improving the community’s economy to grow, starting from Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), culinary to accommodation.

The effort to continue accelerating the arrangement in the Borobudur Temple area not only shows how the figure of Ganjar Pranowo is concerned about improving the welfare of his people, but also at the same time indicates that he is a future leader of a very tolerant nation.

Previously, he also held meetings with religious leaders and clerics whose aim was to be able to continue to maintain the values ​​of unity and oneness and increase tolerance in the midst of this plurality of nations which is indeed necessary.

For Ganjar Pranowo, the attitude of tolerance and harmony between religious communities, including inter-tribal harmony and others, must be continuously improved in society because this will be very important in filling the progress of the Indonesian nation going forward.

)* The author is a contributor to the Ganjar Pranowo Won Movement (Idea)

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