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Beware of Maneuvers Interest Groups Infiltrate Demonstrations Against the Ciptaker Law


A number of labor elements held a demonstration against the Ciptaker Law on 10 August 2023. The demonstration was criticized by the public because there were indications of being infiltrated by interest group maneuvers that incited people power.

The Job Creation Law which has been passed by the DPR is still opposed by a handful of labor elements who are dissatisfied with this regulation. This was reflected in the demonstrations carried out by the masses on behalf of the Million Workers Action Alliance (AASB) at the State Palace, Thursday (10/8). Apart from disrupting people’s mobility, these demonstrations will only have a negative impact on the investment sector because they can reduce investors’ interest in investing in Indonesia.

The indications of the labor movement being ridden by these interest groups can actually be seen from a long time ago. One of these indicators can be seen from the call of the controversial figure Rocky Gerung who incited the public to take part in the people power movement on 10 August 2023 or simultaneously with the labor demonstration movement.

A number of parties also rejected the labor demonstration movement that was packaged under the guise of people power. One of the elements that rejected this came from the Indonesian Concerned Youth Alliance (APPI), which had previously blocked the pace of workers who were going to carry out the People Power action. According to APPI’s field coordinator, Adnan, the people power movement carried out by workers can be divisive.

Previously, the Jago Abang Community in Lamongan Regency, East Java Province (East Java) had all united their voices to strongly reject the idea of ​​Rocky Gerung, who incited the people to hold ‘People Power’ on August 10, 2023. According to the youth leader or the Coordinator of the Jago Abang Community in Lamongan Regency, Suhartono, the people power movement will further complicate the atmosphere and is also very capable of having the potential and triggering problems in the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

The demonstration by the workers under the guise of People Power demanding the repeal of the Ciptaker Law is of course far-fetched. This is because the law was drafted in a participatory manner and facilitates business permits because there is a cluster of ease of doing business. With this law, it will help business people, especially those who are still at the MSME level (micro, small and medium enterprises). They have an NIB (business identification number) so that their trading activities are legal and more trusted by customers.

Indonesian people, especially youth, are passionate about becoming entrepreneurs. They become traders because they want to be successful and have an income above the UMR. Especially in the era of information technology, entrepreneurs are facilitated with promotions on social media, so that their customers are from all over Indonesia.

There are more and more entrepreneurs in this country, and the majority are at the small and medium level. However, MSMEs are trying to get up after going through 3 years of the pandemic, because people’s purchasing power has dropped dramatically.

The government doesn’t want them to completely close their business because it will be dangerous for the country’s economy. MSMEs are prioritized by the government because they are the backbone of the economy in Indonesia.

MSMEs are privileged, in order to expedite their business and increase people’s purchasing power. Hopefully after the business increases, Indonesia’s financial condition will improve. Therefore, MSMEs are assisted through the Job Creation Law.

If the quality of MSME products increases, it will have a positive impact on them. Product sales will be more in demand and turnover will increase rapidly. MSMEs will get high profits, even more than before the pandemic. In this way, they will be more advanced and simultaneously drive the Indonesian economy.

Then, MSMEs are assisted by the Job Creation Law because there is a customs incentive. MSMEs engaged in exports and imports will be greatly helped by this. They will try to improve the quality of service because there is ease in doing business, and the people are happy because even though they are ‘only’ with MSME status, the service is quite satisfying.

Demonstrations against the Ciptaker Law are of course detrimental to the workers themselves. The reason is that this movement only provides a stage for labor political elites like Said Iqbal who currently leads the Labor Party and needs space to find votes. Thus it is not impossible, the existence of demonstrations that are carried out will actually be ridden by certain parties politically or with any hidden purpose, which the demonstrators themselves may not be aware of.

It should be realized together that ahead of the implementation of the democratic party and political contestation, namely the General Election (Election) in the upcoming 2024, in which all things have the potential to be ridden by certain groups so that it is precisely that no party should pollute it. So it is also important for the community and workers to be aware and continue to increase their self-awareness. Society needs to be critical and not easily believe the instigation of the labor political elite who are always looking for a platform ahead of the General Election. Demonstrations should also begin to be abandoned by continuing to optimize the available legal channels, bearing in mind that demonstrations will actually have the potential to cause riots and also threaten state stability and state security ahead of the 2024 elections.

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