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Beware of Police Hoaxes at W Sumatra Mosques, Security Officers Cannot Harass Places of Worship


The public is asked to be aware of the issue of lies or hoax news whose truth cannot be justified at all with various kinds of framing and very misleading narratives spreading in society through social media. The existence of a viral video clip showing the police entering a mosque in W Sumatra is not harassing a place of worship because it is not a room for prayer, but is indeed a hall for activities that are generally used by the community.

The Head of Regional Police (Kapolda) for West Sumatra Province (Sumbar), Inspector General of Police (Irjen Pol) Suharyono emphasized that in fact most of his staff are Muslims, so it is very unlikely for security forces and their staff to harass houses of worship as viral news issues lies or hoaxes about the police entering the Grand Mosque in West Sumatra and have been circulating in society lately.

Not only that, but he also strongly denied how the narration in the video clip went viral and seemed to provide a framing that security forces members of the Mobile Brigade (Brimob) had forcibly evicted residents of Air Bangis, Sungai Beremas District, West Pasaman District.

In fact, what actually happened was that the ranks of the security forces at that time did not enter the prayer area at the mosque. So it is very clear that the existence of framing with certain narratives and also efforts to disseminate video clips that cannot be justified at all is an issue of fake news or hoaxes.

It’s not just a hoax, but it is suspected that the party who distributed the video clips then added narratives there that tended to discredit the security forces who seemed to have entered the Muslim community’s house of worship, namely the mosque while wearing shoes.

In fact, what actually happened was that the security forces at that time were the first to enter the room at the mosque, namely the ranks of female police officers (polwan). They entered there with the aim of inviting the demonstrators who were at the Grand Mosque of West Sumatra to come out and change places on the bus. Then after that incident a male policeman came in, and it all happened on the ground floor of the mosque. However, because the tiled floor of the Great Mosque is indeed clean and there are red mats there, it seems as if it is a place of prayer, even though it is not a place of prayer at all, but a public meeting hall which is usually used by the community.

The conditions there at that time were indeed the demonstrators sleeping downstairs with only mats, newspapers and plastic on the floor. So that when the security forces found out directly at the location of the incident, they felt very sorry for the demonstrators, especially when they were worried that later children would get sick. For this reason, the police then tried to evacuate them so they wanted to get on the bus because they felt that allowing them to live in such conditions was completely inhumane.

Moreover, members of the security apparatus from the West Sumatra Regional Police also assisted the demonstrators who were at the West Sumatra Grand Mosque to return to their respective hometowns in a very humane manner with absolutely no elements of violence or coercion as framing or misguided narratives circulating in viral video clip.

Meanwhile, the administrator of the Great Mosque of West Sumatra (West Sumatra), Yuzardi Ma’ad also gave an explanation directly related to the circulation of the viral video with framing which is completely untrue. According to him, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the actions of the security forces at that time.

The reason is that the object in question and recorded in the video is not a prayer room, but a hall located on the ground floor of the mosque. Then the red carpet which was also recorded in the video was not a prayer mat, but it was the former sleeping mat used by the demonstrators. Indeed, the room was intended as a resting place for the demonstration participants from Nagari Air Bangis.

After learning that the incident had gone viral with a video clip accompanied by a very misleading narrative or framing, Yuzardi as the caretaker of the Great Mosque of West Sumatra immediately felt compelled to provide an explanation of the actual situation so that slander and hoax news would not arise so that it would not spread further. in society. Moreover, at the time of the incident he was directly at the location so he knew very well how it was there.

Of course the main task of the security forces is to protect and also protect all people in Indonesia, so it is absolutely impossible for the police to commit acts of harassment against houses of worship. Precisely how the video clip which went viral and was later added to the misleading narrative was all a hoax, because the police at the West Sumatra Grand Mosque at that time actually wanted to evacuate the demonstrators so they wanted to change locations on the bus because they couldn’t bear it and were worried about seeing them sleeping on the ground floor only on the ground. mats and newspapers only.

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