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Beware of Provocation of Demo Reject DOB


By: Rebecca Marian)*

The public is asked to be aware of the provocation of the Papuan People’s Petition (PRP) gang who will stage a demonstration on July 14, 2022 to reject the New Autonomous Region (DOB). Apart from being still during the Covid-19 pandemic, this action is vulnerable to being used by Papuan separatist groups to spread forbidden ideas.

Papua officially has 3 new provinces, namely Central Highlands Papua Province, Central Papua, and South Papua, and a total of 5 provinces in the Earth of Cendrawasih. The people were happy because the addition of this province had been their wish for a long time, and it was finally granted by the government. With the addition of new autonomous regions, it is hoped that there will be equitable development in remote areas.

However, the addition of new autonomous regions will also be accompanied by a demonstration that will be carried out by those calling themselves the Papuan People’s Petition (PRP). PRP spokesman, Jefry Wenda, stated that the demonstration would be held on 14 July 2022. According to him, the demonstration will oppose the addition of new autonomous regions and special autonomy (Otsus).

Jefry, who is also the Head of the Papuan Student Alliance, added that he had already consolidated with many students in dormitories in Jayapura City. Demonstrations were not only carried out in Papua but also in other cities.

The public is asked not to be provoked by the PRP demonstration. Although the PRP threatened to paralyze the city if its requests were not complied with, this was unlikely to happen. The security forces must have been ready to ban Jefry cs if he was going to paralyze the city, because his actions would harm civilians.

Jayawijaya Police Chief AKBP Muh Safei stated that his party would monitor the demonstration on 14 July. The goal is to avoid chaos like in the previous demo, where the flagpole was broken and the red-and-white flag finally fell. However, he hoped that only a maximum of 50 PRP representatives would come and be able to have an audience with members of the Papuan DPRD instead of demonstrating.

In a sense, there is already a guarantee of security from the Jayawijaya Police and the public need not be afraid and imagine that there will be riots after the demonstration. Also, don’t think that it’s better to support the demonstrators than later chaos will occur, because what happens is the opposite. As a good Papuan, don’t be pro protesters because the Papua New Guinea has made a lot of positive contributions.

Papuans are expected to remain calm and not be afraid or influenced by the demonstrations that will be carried out by the PRP. The reason is that the PRP is an organization belonging to Jefry Wenda cs, which has been diligent in speaking out against special autonomy and regional expansion. In fact, these two programs are for the benefit of the Papuan people themselves, because there is progress in various areas on Earth of Cendrawasih.

The expansion of the territory was a request from indigenous Papuans who came directly to Jakarta for an audience with President Jokowi at the State Palace. For a long time, people have wanted a new province, because the territory of Papua is too large. So, Jefry et al’s accusations are wrong because they insist and say that the addition of new autonomous regions is a program from the Central Government that is forced on the Papuan people.

The community needs to look at the history of the division of the region because it is a mandate from special autonomy, the aim of which is for equitable development and prosperity for Papuans. They are also expected not to be persuaded by Jeffery’s words as if he represents the voice of the people. When in fact provoke for his own benefit.

Don’t forget the fact that Jefry Wenda comes from the Wenda clan, aka is still related to Benny Wenda, who was the chairman of the OPM (Free Papua Organization). If Benny is abroad, then Jefry is the one who moves in the country and provokes the people to oppose the new autonomous regions. Whereas the main goal is to invite them to defect and form the Federal Republic of West Papua.

The OPM has always wanted Papua to be separated from Indonesia because they did not agree with the results of the 1969 People’s Opinion (Pepera). By rejecting regional expansion, they hope to attract the sympathy of the Papuan people. If the community is affected, they will also be invited to join the OPM. The public is asked to read the history of the Acting Act until now and not to be affected by the provocations of Jefry et al.

The addition of new autonomous regions is for the Papuan people because they have new infrastructure and facilities, and regional expansion is very good for their prosperity. Therefore, the demonstration on July 14, 2022 must be canceled because it will only disturb the community and hinder the common goal of advancing Papua.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Jakarta

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