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Beware of the Digital Space Where Radical and Intolerant Views Spread Ahead of the Election


All people in Indonesia need to increase their vigilance, especially in the digital space and social media because it is a place for the spread of radical and intolerant ideas, especially ahead of the 2024 General Election as it is today.

The open flow of information with the current development of technology is something that is like a double-edged sword. How could it not be, the article is on the one hand a good thing because it allows all elements of society to be able to access all types of information they need very easily and quickly.

However, on the other hand, the massive distribution and openness of the flow of information through the use of technology such as digital space or the use of social media also has its own potential for vulnerability because no one can guarantee the credibility or truth of information that has already been spread even to became viral and widely consumed by the public.

So, with the existence of information that has already gone viral and spread widely in society until it is consumed by the public, but if it turns out that the information is not something that is in accordance with the facts on the ground or is actually fake news or hoax information, it will certainly bring a lot of negative impact.

Some of the negative impacts caused by the massive spread of fake news or hoax information that has already been consumed and believed by the public at large is the creation of a wrong and misleading mindset that allows people themselves to act or behave incorrectly.

It’s not half-hearted, even because of the mindset that is already wrong and consumed by the wider community because it has spread and gone viral through social media or digital space so that it often triggers the potential for national disintegration or division that occurs in the unity and integrity of society throughout The Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

Especially ahead of the implementation of the democratic party and political contestation in the upcoming 2024 General Election (Election) event, it is not uncommon now that there has been a lot of news about various kinds of negative narratives spreading in society through social media or digital spaces.

It is clear that if this is continued and left as it is without optimal prevention, it will have a huge impact on the sustainability of the implementation of the democratic system that applies to this nation and will greatly damage the image of the country itself.

It is also known that cyber attacks that occur ahead of the 2024 elections will continue to occur, as will the threat of practices of intolerance, radicalism and also the spread of terrorism during the democratic party in 2019.

According to the Director of Security Intelligence (Intelkam) of the South Sumatra Regional Police (Polda Sumsel). Police Commissioner (Kombes Pol) Iskandar F Sutisna said that so far in society there are still several seeds of division in attitudes of intolerance, radicalism and terrorism as the General Election approaches, which does not rule out the possibility of cyber attacks via social media and digital space. will continue to happen.

Based on the results of patrols carried out by Cyber ​​Headquarters of the Indonesian National Police (Police Headquarters), it is still true that many kinds of sites are found that contain several things related to narratives of intolerance, radicalism and terrorism.

Meanwhile, Head of Advocacy/Defense for Journalists of the Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI), H. Oktap Riady explained that indeed the year 2024 itself is getting closer. Realizing this, he has a strong commitment from the media to be able to take an active role in maintaining the integrity of the country so that divisions do not arise.

Of course this is supported by the workings of journalists who are required to be able to carry out all their duties professionally, so that if for example they get a source from social media or digital space, they will immediately confirm so that the news can be presented in a balanced way.

On the other hand, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) through the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kemkominfo) is also strongly committed to continuing to maintain digital space so that the implementation of the upcoming General Election can take place cleanly from various threats of hoax information and also radicalism narratives.

Regarding this matter, the Minister of Communication and Information, Budi Arie Setiadi, emphasized that currently his party has established various coordination steps with various parties to be able to prevent and also handle hoax information that is spreading, then the threat of disinformation and even malinformation in the digital space.

It is undeniable that ahead of the simultaneous General Election (Election) in 2024, the spread of radical as well as intolerance in society has increased, especially through social media and digital space so there is a need to increase vigilance from all elements of the nation to can counter it.

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