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Beware of the Politicization of Places of Worship for Campaign Sites


Jakarta — Participants in the 2024 Election as well as the public must be able to continue to be aware of politicized practices in places of worship for the benefit of political campaigns.

Member of the Republic of Indonesia’s Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu), Lolly Suhenti stated that the 2024 Election participants are absolutely not allowed to campaign in places of worship.

Not only that, but according to him there will also be criminal sanctions if election participants still commit these violations.

“The sanctions relating to Article 280 are criminal in nature, in this context we have to be careful. When Bawaslu handles violations, it will definitely be accompanied by prevention efforts,” he said.

Then, the Bawaslu itself is still trying to ensure that election participants do not do what has been prohibited before by taking several precautions.

“This is what we are currently doing to ensure that all political party friends who already have the number do not do what is prohibited,” continued Lolly.

Furthermore, the Bawaslu then cooperated with the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) to supervise the campaign at the mosque.

This is important to be able to contribute to the success of the implementation of the 2024 elections.

Chairman of the MUI for Da’wah and Ukhuwah, KH. Cholil Nafis stated that his party had made an appeal and educated the public regarding the prohibition of politicizing in places of worship.

“We, the MUI Da’wah and Ukhuwah Commission, have socialized it to the takmirs of the mosque,” he said.

In particular, this socialization was given to mosque takmits, because they were the ones who invited the preachers to the mosque.

KH. Cholil Nafis emphasized that the takmir of the mosque should not invite those who have an interest in practical politics.

Furthermore, according to him, mosques should have signs explaining the ban on campaigning.

For him, even if there are certain candidates or political elites or participants in the 2024 Election who are politicizing places of worship, it is better not to be elected.

“But, don’t vote for that, especially if the candidate is like this, now you can’t do practical politics like that,” said Cholil.

He then asked the takmir of the mosque to be able to take precautions with good, measurable and polite actions so as not to cause problems.

Nevertheless, he stressed that the campaign could be carried out anywhere, except in places of worship and places prohibited by other regulations.

“Outside the mosque please,” said Cholil.

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