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Circulating AI Video Showing President Jokowi Speaking Mandarin, Observers Say Fake Video Dangers the Public


Jakarta — A video showing AI (artificial intelligence) depicting President Joko Widodo speaking in Mandarin is in the public spotlight. With the general election approaching, the video has sparked debate and concerns about potential hoaxes that could influence public opinion.

Observer and political communication expert from Pelita Harapan University (UPH), Emrus Sihombing, stated that this discovery confirmed that the video was the result of manipulation by artificial intelligence.

“One video of President Jokowi is originally in English, and the other video is in Mandarin orally without writing. Even though the video that is translated by the source should be delivered in the original language, namely English. “Even if it is a translation, it will be in text form,” explained Emrus.

According to Emrus, if the speech video is in Mandarin, subtitles should be needed for the audience to control the meaning of the spoken speech.

“The video of President Jokowi giving a speech in Mandarin has also given rise to multiple interpretations which are prone to portraying President Jokowi as part of the power of economic interests in China,” he added.

In the video, President Jokowi appears to speak fluently in Mandarin, a linguistic ability that has never been demonstrated before. Although this video has gone viral on social media, many observers and artificial intelligence experts are urging the public to maintain vigilance regarding the possible authenticity of the recording.

The latest developments and search results show that the video is the result of manipulation by taking a video recording of President Jokowi’s speech at the USINDO, US Chamber and USABC Gala Dinner in the United States in 2015. The original recording was previously available on the YouTube platform at the link https: //youtu.be/6G604qxWaNQ?si=coW08xmXyMw5fTFC.

The video was then manipulated with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) technology to create the illusion that President Jokowi spoke fluent Mandarin. Now this manipulated video has raised many questions about the ethics of using technology in the context of politics and elections.

Emrus also emphasized the need for firm action from the Ministry of Communication and Information as the authority to stop the spread of artificial intelligence manipulated videos.

“The Ministry of Communication and Information must massively explain the video of President Jokowi’s speech to the public space, which appears to be spoken in Mandarin. “In fact, ideally, a foreign language conveyed orally must also be accompanied by written text or running text as well,” stressed Emrus.

Not only that, Emrus also indicated that there were interests behind the manipulation and distribution of the video. Several social media users also urged the authorities to take firm action against those who manipulated and spread the video because they felt that hoaxes and false information could pose a serious threat to democracy and political stability.

In the midst of the rise of false information and hoaxes ahead of the election, the public is reminded to always verify the source of information and use wise judgment in forming their opinions.

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