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Commission III DPR RI: Realizing Democratization in Indonesia, the National Criminal Code should be proud of


Soppeng — A member of Commission III of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia (DPR RI) of the Golkar Party, Supriansa during a visit to Soppeng Regency explained that the newest national Criminal Code (KUHP) is capable of realizing democratization in Indonesia, for that all people must proud.

Not without reason, the article is that the existence of the national Criminal Code which is an original legal product made by the nation’s children is a substitute for the existence of the old Criminal Code left over from the Dutch colonial era.

With the success of the Indonesian nation in gaining independence from the invaders and demonstrating sovereignty over its legal system, of course, according to Supriansa, this is something to be proud of.

Furthermore, the birth of the national Criminal Code is also proof that this nation has many reliable legal thinkers.

“I convey, the Criminal Code was previously drawn up by the Dutch colonialists, we must be proud that the book of the Criminal Code Act now exists, for self-made Indonesian citizens. We are already independent and have many reliable and best legal thinkers in Indonesia, and one of the thinkers of the existence of the Criminal Code. I was in it as the working committee (panja),” explained Supriansa.

Furthermore, the Member of Commission III of the DPR RI also explained that so far the government is really trying to bridge the many points of view due to high diversity in Indonesia.

Therefore, precisely with the existence of the national Criminal Code, it is very capable of being a bridge between these different points of view.

Supriansa added that the establishment of a law product made by the nation’s children is a big step towards realizing a democratic legal state.

“Therefore, the determination of the Criminal Code Draft Bill to become an Act (UU) is a big step in realizing a democratic legal state,” he concluded.

For information, Supriansa’s working visit was intended to be able to directly absorb some of the aspirations of the community.

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