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Commitment to Eradicating Corruption, Ganjar Implements Government Digitalization to Change the Mindset of Bureaucrats


JAKARTA – Ganjar is implementing government digitalization to change the mindset of bureaucrats and is committed to eradicating corruption.

He believes that to be able to answer Indonesia’s future challenges is to change the mindset.

“Digitalization can then make this easier and make this an extraordinary experience, what’s extraordinary? change the way bureaucrats think. “From those who previously provided mediocre service, now they are extraordinary,” said Ganjar at The Ballroom XXI Djakarta Theater, Central Jakarta.

During the event, Ganjar gave an example of his policies in Central Java during his time as Governor, which also brought services closer to the community.

“I gave you a rule that you have to respond 1 x 24 hours, just answer it, if you don’t respond 1 x 24 hours you go to my dashboard. “If it happens 3 times, I’ll call,” he said firmly.

“Finally, there is no longer any distance between the head of the service and the people because he gets a direct response,” he said again.

On the same occasion, the PDIP presidential candidate also emphasized that he would prioritize eradicating the corruption that is mushrooming in Indonesia if he is elected president in 2024.

“This corruption is still our homework (homework, ed.) and penetrates all subsectors. “It’s not easy, I spent 10 years in Central Java carrying the tagline Mboten Corruption, Mboten Ngapusi and it was quite successful,” stressed Ganjar.

Furthermore, Ganjar will improve and realize the eradication of corruption starting from education, prevention, to the action that will be carried out. So with bureaucratic reform and clean government, Indonesia will become a developed country.

“If we want to be serious, then corruption is a disease that we must eradicate together. “I’m sure we can, by organizing regulations, improving institutions and placing the right actors to be able to lead it,” he continued.

“Indonesia can become a developed country if the state budget is high. In 2024, our state budget will be around IDR 3,200 trillion. Can we not increase our APBN to IDR 6,400 trillion in 2029? “I am confident and optimistic that it will definitely be possible,” he said.

Apart from that, Ganjar continued his discussion regarding optimizing the potential of Indonesia’s natural resources and human resources through the digital economic sector.

“The potential for the world digital economy in 2030 is predicted to reach 360 billion dollars. That’s a huge amount. “And Indonesia must be able to make this sector a source of income to increase the state budget,” he said.

There are many creative industries that can be used as examples. Ganjar sees the potential for young Indonesians to realize this sector and become the country’s mainstay.

“Three young people who I always follow as an example are Nikki, Rich Brian and Putri Ariani. What great creative young people they are. “And in Indonesia, there are still many other talented young people who can make our digital economy successful,” he concluded.

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