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Communities Appreciate the BIN Program for Farmers in Papua


Jayapura – Farmers in Makwan Village, Masni District, Manokwari Regency, West Papua expressed their desire to continue to receive guidance from the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) and Inspiring Young Papuans (PMI).

This was conveyed by the Masni District Farmer Group Sumber Makmur Jaya (SMJ). They believe that guidance from BIN and PMI can bring progress to the agriculture they manage.

“We as a farmer group, we are fostered, guided by PMI. We hope that in the future we will continue to be guided, so that this group can move forward and bring prosperity to us Papuans who are here,” said Silla, a member of the SMJ farmer group.

Various PMI programs assisted by BIN have been realized and implemented as a follow-up to PMI’s commitment to advancing the people of Papua. One of them is by building the Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) building. PMI believes that this development can become a driving force as well as a center for the development of human resources and young talents in Papua.

Meanwhile, other PMI assisted farmers located in Yakasib Village, Namblong District, Jayapura Regency, Papua Province expressed their support for the continuation of the training program. This was conveyed during the corn harvest in an area of ​​10 hectares in their village.

Related to this, the coordinator of the PMI Namblong District, Kab. Jayapura, Ones Sem appreciates the BIN and PMI programs so far.

“After having PMI, they were happy and no longer worried about where to sell the corn,” said Ones Sem.

Apart from the agricultural sector, PMI assisted by BIN held training on creative economic development for the people of Tobati Village. The goal is that the people of Tobati Village can generate tourism potential through the creative economy sector.

According to PMI Deputy Director, Neil Awoy, this creative economy training is a small step that is expected to have a big impact.

“We want to spend a lot of money for training, but if the people themselves are not aware, then nothing will change,”

“What PMI is currently doing are small steps that hopefully will be able to stimulate, invite friends to make a big impact. We want to spend money on training, but if the people themselves are not aware, then nothing will change,” said Neil Awoy in Jayapura City.

The PMI program assisted by BIN is a realization of the commitment of Head of BIN General Police (Purn) Budi Gunawan who is concerned with advancing Papua and making President Jokowi’s programs related to Papua a success.

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