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Community Employment Guaranteed by the Job Creation Law


By: Safira Tri Ningsih )*

Job opportunities for all people in Indonesia in the future will be much more secure with the Job Creation Law. Because now permits for opening a new business as well as permits regarding investment have become even easier with a much simpler bureaucracy.

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Chairperson of the Working Group (Pokja) Monitoring and Evaluation (Monev) Task Force (Satgas) on the Job Creation Law (UUCK), Edy Priyono emphasized that one of the main objectives of issuing this regulation by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) was to be able to further expand open job opportunities, especially for the younger generation.

The need to continue to open up employment opportunities as widely as possible is indeed very important, because indeed the data shows that the workforce in the country continues to increase in number every year to approximately 2.4 million people.

Therefore, with the increasing number of the workforce, it is clear that normatively it must also be balanced with the addition of decent jobs for the workforce. 

The reason is, if, for example, job openings do not occur optimally, it means that there will also be many people who become unemployed or at least they will continue to work, but with jobs that are not decent.

For this reason, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia itself is very committed and pays attention to the needs of the people, namely so that the community, especially the younger generation who continue to increase the workforce in Indonesia, are not only able to get jobs, but also decent jobs can be guaranteed for them.

In terms of realizing and opening the widest possible employment opportunities for the younger generation, it is also very important to invest in creating jobs, be it investment from foreign parties or investment made by domestic investors themselves.

Not only relying on investment assistance from investors, but also with the presence of many entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs in the business world, of course it will automatically be able to create wider employment opportunities.

Then, talking about how efforts for investment from various parties can arrive in Indonesia smoothly, the answer lies in regulations or licensing which must also continue to be made easier in carrying out investment activities. It’s not enough to just get there, all aspects must be clarified, coupled with when for example the community wants to start a new business, then there shouldn’t be any obstacles and it must continue to be facilitated and accelerated.

Obviously, through the issuance of the Job Creation Law which has been officially carried out by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia together with the House of Representatives (DPR RI). The government continues to provide many facilities to support the younger generation so that they are able to obtain decent jobs, including if some of the youth are interested in becoming entrepreneurs, the government also provides regulations that are made easier by reducing the bureaucracy in such a way that Now the bureaucracy is no longer complicated or difficult.

Concretely, the ease of starting a business for business actors, especially the younger generation, is carried out by means of certification of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), then there is also the licensing of Business Permit Numbers (NIB) through the One Single Submission (OSS) system so that all of them are now only through 1 (one) door.

It can be said that at present, all parties, especially the younger generation, if they want to create or establish a new business and if the business is still classified as MSME, then with the implementation of OSS, of course, the risk will be much lower, even though in just a matter of minutes, NIB can be done directly. given. Moreover, for example, the type of business being carried out is classified as having a low risk, so NIB can even be directly used for operations.

The scope of all regulations in the Job Creation Law itself is actually quite broad, because it does not only regulate someone who is already working, but also those who may not have a job, including those who used to work and are now no longer working. all of them are considered and tried to be assisted by the Government of Indonesia, which in the future will increase the welfare of the community. Maintaining and continuing to realize the welfare of all elements of society itself is a very important thing for the government to continue to do.

In other words, since the regulations on the Job Creation Law have been officially ratified by the Government and the Indonesian Parliament, guarantees for all elements of society, including those who are the younger generation in Indonesia can be realized because job creation will be so broad with so many programs and the facilities provided.

)* The author is a contributor to the Daris Pustaka Contributor

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