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Community Synergy Against Hoaxes in the 2024 Election to Create a Conducive Democratic Party


The implementation of the democratic party is in sight, the public must be more vigilant in selecting information, so that divisions do not occur in society.

Elections are an important moment for democracy in Indonesia. Through elections, the people can determine the leader who will represent them. However, elections also have the potential to become an arena for the spread of hoaxes and hate speech. This could threaten the peace and conduciveness of the election.

In realizing the 2024 Peaceful Election, the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kemenkominfo) has formed an Anti-Hoax Task Force (Anti-Hoax Task Force). The Minister of Communication and Information, Budi Arie, explained that the Anti-Hoax Task Force would later provide an explanation regarding fake news to the public. To make it easier for the public to catch fake news verification, all false information, be it hoaxes, disinformation or misinformation, will be labeled with a hoax stamp.

The neutral attitude of the Ministry of Communication and Information in taking action against perpetrators of spreading hoaxes in accordance with applicable regulations. This is in line with Kominfo’s strategic role in maintaining the digital space during the 2024 elections. Regarding law, Indonesia itself has applicable laws and regulations, such as the Information and Electronic Transactions Law (UU ITE) or the Criminal Code (UU KUHP).

Apart from that, to welcome the Indonesian democratic party, the Karimun Police are also intensively providing appeals, outreach and calls for peaceful elections. Karimun Police Chief AKBP Fadli Agus, SIK, MH invites the entire community to work together to create a safe, peaceful, cool and conducive 2024 election. By maintaining security stability by avoiding and preventing the spread of hoaxes related to the spread of racial issues, unhealthy politics and not pitting each other against each other,

Karimun Police shared tips to avoid hoaxes during the 2024 elections. Among them, avoid provocative titles, read and pay close attention to the entire article, distinguish between opinion articles and facts. Apart from that, carry out a ‘reserve image search’ for images in articles to detect hoax news, do not share news whose sources have not been validated and check the authenticity of articles on s.id/cekhoax and look for information from the official KPU account if you find hoax news so you can report it on aduankonten.id.

The regional government continues to urge the public to actively participate in the 2024 elections. Cirebon Regent Drs. H. Imron. M.Ag together with Forkopimda, KPU, Bawaslu and representatives from political parties, held the 2024 Peaceful Election Declaration at the Cirebon Police Headquarters. This declaration was also implemented simultaneously in a number of other regions, carried out via video conference with the West Java Regional Police Chief, Inspector General of Police Dr. Akhmad Wiyagus, SIK, M.Si, MM, and Kasad, General Agus Subiyanto.

Regent Imron said that the declaration that had been made jointly must be followed and implemented as best as possible. The hope is that this declaration can maintain unity and unity, as well as conduciveness in the region. Regarding the prohibition on ASN from engaging in politics, Imron said that this was already known to all existing ASN. He also believes that ASNs understand what needs to be done and not done.

Therefore, all ASN are expected to behave well and choose rationally. Because even though they are not allowed to participate in politics directly, ASNs still have the right to vote. Cirebon Police Chief, Police Commissioner Arif Budiman, SIK, MH, said that the Peaceful Election Declaration aims to create a cool and conducive atmosphere before, during and after the 2024 Election which will be held in Cirebon Regency. He also hopes that all components involved can support and assist in holding the 2024 elections, in order to achieve a safe, peaceful and cool social security and order situation in Cirebon Regency.

Youth groups are also calling on each other to exercise their right to vote in next year’s elections. The youth of the Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals Association (ICMI) of Bangka Belitung Islands Province (Babel) made an anti-hoax declaration in order to support peaceful, safe and harmonious elections in the region through videos or other content on social media.

Chairman of the ICMI Youth for Babel Islands Province, Gustin, said that the anti-hoax declaration ahead of the 2024 General Election and Regional Head Election aims to ensure that people are not easily provoked by issues that have not been proven, so they must first examine what is true and what is not true.

According to him, Babel is one of the provinces prone to digital issues with the third highest ranking in Indonesia, which means that the people of Babel are IT literate but need to filter information so that they are not easily believed and provoked by news whose truth is not yet known.

Apart from declaring anti-hoax, the ICMI Babel Youth also synergized with religious leaders, universities as well as traditional and community leaders in spreading a sense of harmony in Babel so that the upcoming 2024 General Election and Regional Head Election will be safe and peaceful.

Head of Sub-Directorate 5 of the Intelligence and Security Directorate of the Babel Police, AKBP Nur Samsi hopes that the declaration made by the ICMI Babel Youth can create a good social security situation in society. According to him, this hoax news is very dangerous and has the potential to threaten the security and social security situation which could impact conduciveness in the 2024 elections.

Hoaxes will hinder the smooth running of the democratic party because they are very dangerous for social security and security. We hope that the public can respond to hoax news because this news is very easy to hijack and disseminate .

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