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Condemning KST’s Sadistic Actions Attacking Civil Society in Papua


Separatist and Terrorist Groups (KST) in Papua are increasingly sadistic and violent. They not only have the heart to injure the TNI/Polri, but also have the heart to attack civilians, including Indigenous Papuans (OAP) and health workers.

KST again attacked civilians in Papua, on Thursday (19/10), resulting in the death of one worker on the Puskesmas construction project. Head of Operations for the Cartenz Peace Task Force, Kombes Faizal Ramadhani, said that apart from the dead, there were also two Community Health Center construction workers who were hit by arrows.

The news of the attack became known after a number of workers who managed to save themselves reported to the Kotis Post located in Ilaga, Puncak, Papua. A moment later, a joint team from the Cartenz Peace Task Force and the local TNI went straight to the location of the attack to evacuate two construction workers who had not been found.

Previously, brutal and cruel actions were also carried out by KST in the Kali Ei area, Yahukimo Regency, Papua Mountains. The violence took a tragic toll, with seven people killed and eleven others injured.

We should condemn this action, and it is time for firm action to be taken to stop this wave of crime. However, amidst the darkness of KST’s sadistic actions, there was a ray of hope that emerged in the form of rescue efforts carried out by a joint team led by Major Mar Hariono together with Yonif 7/Marine Task Force and Kodim 1715/Yahukimo under the leadership of Dansatgas Yonmar 7, Lt. Col. Mar Alex Zulkarnaen.

After the tragic incident of the massacre, the joint team quickly moved, carrying out chases and combing the area. They managed to save 21 residents who were lucky enough to escape this heinous KST action. This team is hope for the residents of Yahukimo who face dire security threats.

This disclosure also provides insight into the identity of KST who was involved in this cruel act. Led by Asbak Koranue, part of Egianus Kogoya’s group, they did not hesitate to use dangerous weapons such as SS1 V2 rifles, arrows and machetes.

Apart from taking human lives, they also burned three excavators, two trucks and a panning camp. This action not only threatens human life, but also the economy and infrastructure in the area.

Marsma Deni Simanjuntak, who serves as Kaskogabwilhan III, provided additional insight into the security forces’ response. The joint TNI-Polri team immediately responded to the massacre and headed for the Kali Ei area.

They coordinated at the Kali Kolop Brimob Post to understand the situation and conditions on the ground, then continued their movement to look for residents who had survived the KST attack.

The joint TNI team also succeeded in monitoring the movements of KST, numbering around 20 people, carrying dangerous weapons. They appear to be moving towards mountainous areas, increasingly away from areas monitored by security forces.

Despite facing serious challenges, the TNI-Polri are committed to providing protection and security to the people of Papua. The sweeping action they carried out succeeded in saving 21 residents who were in a traumatic condition after witnessing the massacre by KST. They have now been handed over to Kodim 1715/Yahukimo to receive further protection and medical treatment.

The brutal action carried out by the Armed Criminal Group (KST) in Kali Ei, Yahukimo Regency, Papua Mountains on October 16 2023 was a very worrying event.

This cruel action claimed seven lives, with eleven other people suffering serious injuries. KST’s courage in taking actions that violate the law and humanity has shaken the entire community, especially in the region. We strongly condemn these disturbing KST actions and we also thank the joint team who acted quickly in handling the situation.

The rescue action carried out by Major Mar Hariono together with Yonif 7/Marine Task Force and Kodim 1715/Yahukimo under the leadership of Dansatgas Yonmar 7, Lt. Col. Mar Alex Zulkarnaen, deserves thumbs up. They have rescued 21 residents who were lucky enough to escape the KST attack.

A quick and decisive response from security forces is a very important step in overcoming this threat. We appreciate the efforts of the TNI-Polri officers who immediately responded to the incident and coordinated at the Kali Kolop Mobile Brigade Post. They conducted a search and succeeded in monitoring KST’s dangerous movements.

On the other hand, the Government under the leadership of President Joko Widodo continues to strive to improve a number of problems such as social, economic and political inequality. It is of course hoped that this step will immediately bring about the peaceful stability that all components of society have longed for. Not only that, the community also has a responsibility to support the efforts of the security forces and also work together in finding a long-term solution to the conflict in Papua.

KST Papua’s brutal actions are of course a serious problem that needs to be stopped immediately through law enforcement. With strict law enforcement against separatist gangs, it is hoped that peace in Papua will always be maintained.

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