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Consistent Government Realizing Timely Elections as People’s Sovereignty


The Government of the Republic of Indonesia continues to consistently strive to be able to realize the 2024 General Election on time and without any delays. This is one of the real forms of realizing the sovereignty of the Indonesian people in a country that adheres to a democratic system.

The existence of a democratic party in Indonesia, namely the General Election (Pemilu) which will be held in 2024, indeed has the aim of upholding people’s sovereignty. The principle of people’s sovereignty in a country that also upholds democracy must indeed be maintained and cannot be changed.

Then , indeed in order to realize truly high people’s sovereignty, it is very necessary to hold elections that are very democratic . At least there are several requirements to be able to make an election administration democratic.

The first is the existence of clear regulations, then the second thing is that the election organizers, in this case the General Elections Commission (KPU) must have an attitude that is independent , has integrity and is also credible . Then the third condition is that election participants themselves must obey the existing rules.

The fourth condition is that the voters must be intelligent and participatory people , and the fifth condition is that there is a neutral bureaucracy . It is undeniable indeed , that the five requirements are all interrelated and also influence each other and cannot stand alone.

Meanwhile, recently it has become the subject of public scrutiny and has been widely discussed regarding the discourse on postponing the elections after the issuance of a Decision from the Central Jakarta District Court ( Jakpus ) which granted the demands of the PRIMA Party and sentenced the KPU to postpone the process of the election stages.

However, in fact, the signs that the 2024 election will be postponed are unlikely to occur according to the Central Jakarta District Court’s decision . How could it not be , because the factions in Commission II of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia (DPR RI) are unanimously of the opinion about the existence of a Government Regulation in Lieu of Law ( Perppu ) concerning Elections .

In fact, all factions in Commission II of the DPR have agreed on the Perppu Number 1 of 2022 concerning Amendments to Law Number 7 of 2017 concerning General Elections to be passed into Law (UU). One such agreement came from the National Mandate Party (PAN) faction.

In this regard , Guspardi Gaus in the Level I Commission II Working Meeting with the Minister of Home Affairs (Mendagri RI) and the Minister of Law and Human Rights ( Menkumham ) emphasized that in fact General Elections ( Elections ) are a means of realizing people’s sovereignty to be able to produce people’s representatives and as well as a democratic state government.

Not only that, but the PAN faction also believes that the determination of the Election Perppu to be used as a Law (UU) is an urgent matter to be implemented immediately.

Guspardi Gaus , who is a member of the DPR from the West Sumatra II Dapil , also said that there were a number of things that were taken into consideration for the approval of the PAN faction regarding the establishment of a Perppu for General Elections to be pushed into law.

First, there is an urgency to accommodate regional expansion or the formation of several new autonomous regions (DOBs), particularly in Papua. Second, bearing in mind that the 2024 election stages have already begun, it is necessary to ensure that the new autonomous regions can immediately adjust the process to the steps that are currently underway. Third , it is hoped that the existence of this Perppu General Election will further narrow and minimize the ‘wild’ thoughts of those who assume that there will be a postponement of the election .

According to him , the existence of the Election Perppu is also a form of crystallization of the commitment of the whole community together to be able to carry out elections consistently as a form of the mandate of the constitution.

On another occasion , the chairman of the KPU, Hasyim Asy’ari emphasized that the democratic party in Indonesia every 5 (five) years must be fought for. He reminded all elements of the nation that the election itself must be carried out consistently according to the agreed rules.

When there is already a very clear rule that stipulates that elections must be held once every five years, then according to him this must be continuously fought for , must continue to be endeavored and endeavored to the fullest extent possible.

Sovereignty of the people in a country that adheres to a democratic system is very important and must exist. Therefore, the Government of Indonesia continues to strive to be able to guarantee this by consistently supporting so that the upcoming 2024 Election is not postponed and carried out according to the agreed schedule and regulations.

)*  The author is Nusantara Reading Room

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