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Deputy Head of BIN Checks Readiness of Inspirational Young Papua Business Unit Ahead of PYCH Inauguration


Deputy Head of BIN, Lieutenant General TNI (Purn) Teddy Lhaksmana checks the readiness of the Papua Young Inspirational (PMI) business unit in Sentani, Jayapura. The business unit includes sago fields, fish cages and biofloc ponds. In his review, Deputy Head of BIN Lt. Gen. TNI (Purn) Teddy Lhaksmana said that business unit managers should optimize assistance and guidance from PMI.

“We hope that what has been implemented will continue to grow and don’t forget to replant the land that has been planted with sago. This change is very encouraging, from management which was initially traditional to modern because it is assisted by machines,” said the Deputy Head of BIN during his visit to the Sago land, Asei Kecil Village, East Sentani.

PMI Secretary for Papua Province, Vita Faidiban, said the residents here were very happy with the presence of PMI to help manage sago. The total area of ​​sago land cultivated by residents is 400 hectares and as much as 200 hectares is fostered by PMI.

“There are about 15 young people and 6 women who help with the sago management process. PMI friends here have made sago products into ice cream, papeda ice, sago cendol, and sinole (sago-based snacks) which are sold online and are also available at the Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) booth,” said Vita, who is also the person in charge of the sago business unit.

The results of PMI coaching in the community were also conveyed by one of the Floating Net Cages (KJA) administrators, Filep Jones Marwari who said that the visit of the Deputy Head of BIN provided motivation to improve better business results. This will also increase fish production in the fish cage business unit in Doyo Lama Village, Sentani District.

“Since there has been guidance from PMI, there has been an increase in the amount of production which was previously 200 to 500 kilograms to 1 ton at each harvest. The assistance from PMI includes tilapia and tilapia fish seeds, as well as feed,” he said.

On the same occasion, Head of the Biofloc System Tilapia Cultivation Group, Franspouw in Nolokia Village, East Sentani, said that this group manages 8 biofloc ponds which have a capacity of around 1,300 tilapia. To harvest yourself, wait for the size of the fish to be large enough. Usually about 4 to 7 months depending on the nursery.

“We are very grateful to receive guidance from PMI which has been running since November 2022. This activity has also involved the surrounding community, with a total of 20 people,” he concluded.

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