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Disturbing State Security, Security Forces Must Eradicate KST Papua


So far, KST has been very disturbing because it disrupts security in Papua. They also acted recklessly by attacking security forces until there were casualties. KST has gone beyond its limits because it has the heart to take other people’s lives. Therefore, the authorities are obliged to eradicate KST so that Papua remains safe without attacks from these separatist groups.

KST is being pursued by the Cartenz Peace Task Force for the security of the Papuan people. This separatist group has crossed the line by attacking residents and security forces, as well as threatening the people psychologically. Papua must be secured, therefore the eradication of KST continues to be carried out and its headquarters are continuously sought.

Recently, the Separatist and Terrorist Group in Papua again carried out their heinous act by killing a female activist from Cenderawasih Earth named Michelle Kurisi Ndoga in a very sadistic manner in Jayawijaya District, Papua Mountains Province.

Previously, namely in August 2023 KST carried out another attack. Kapolda Papua Inspector General Pol Mathius D. Fakhiri said KST shot three residents in the Yosoma complex, Kenyam, Wednesday 16 August 2023 at 21.45 WIT. The dead were Steven Didiway, Michael Rumaropen and Samsul Ahmad.

Papua Inspector General Pol Mathius D. Fakhiri continued, currently the police are investigating the murder case. The police are also tracking the whereabouts of the perpetrators. His party is optimistic that they will be able to arrest the perpetrators and hold them legally accountable for their actions. Currently the situation in Kenyam District is conducive.

Meanwhile KST also carried out an attack on the Marine Infantry Battalion Task Force (Satgas Yonif) 7 on Jalan Yahuli, Pradiso Bawah KM 6, Dekai District, Yahukimo, Papua Mountains. The attack occurred on August 21, 2023.

As a result of the attack carried out by KST, Marine soldier Pratu Agung Pramudi Laksono (27) died. In response to the case of an attack that killed a security officer, the authorities were determined to continue to eradicate KST.

The Nduga Police Chief, Kompol Vincent Jimmy Parapaga stated that the Joint Indonesian National Police Team was on standby to anticipate various possibilities that would occur, including follow-up attacks from KST. Currently, joint TNI-Polri personnel remain on alert 1 status to anticipate possible further action.

Kompol Vinsensius Jimmy Parapaga added that currently the security forces are trying to identify the perpetrators and immediately arrest them. They are confident that this effort will be successful in the interest of society.

KST wants to destroy the country’s stability and security. So it is not surprising that KST Papua fired shots at TNI soldiers because they were not happy with the construction of the TNI and Polri Task Force Post in Dekai District.

For information, there will indeed be construction of a special Task Force Post in Yahukimo in order to further safeguard and maintain the sovereignty and strength of the state to fight evil agendas carried out by separatist gangs, including further securing the state’s border areas.

KST hated the construction of the post because it made efforts by the apparatus to gather state power. Therefore, KST carried out the attack and it was unfortunate that it caused casualties.

In order to eradicate KST, the TNI decided to carry out a combat alert operation. The TNI has stepped up military operations from a soft approach to combat alert operations in several areas considered prone to separatist acts of terror by armed criminal groups (KKB) in Papua.

What does combat alert operation mean? Combat alert is a military operation status that requires a soldier to be alert to the threat of enemy attack. Combat alert operations are very important to eradicate KST so that there are no more casualties. Both from civilians and security forces.

The combat alert operation was carried out so that no more Papuans would become victims of KST violence. Society must be protected from these separatist groups. Therefore, a combat alert operation was carried out to maintain security on Cendrawasih Earth.

KST was dealt with firmly by the authorities and this was actually appreciated by the public. The reason is, they have injured too many times, both civilians and TNI members who were on guard. If there is measurable firm action, it is permissible. The firmness towards KST was carried out as a deterrent effect, so that they would no longer hurt the Papuan people.

To protect citizens from KST attacks, this rebel group must be dealt with firmly. The reason is, they have committed serious cases, such as theft and mass murder. If any KST member is caught, they must be tried and receive the most severe punishment as a deterrent effect.

The Papuan people themselves agree that there should be a special operation to eradicate KST. The reason is, they have carried out attacks many times and caused injuries and fatalities. There must be no further victims from civilians, so KST must be eradicated using a massive eradication operation.

KST disrupted state security by attacking security posts causing casualties from the security forces. Therefore, they must be completely eradicated so that security is maintained, both in Nduga, Yahukimo and other areas in Papua. The combat alert operation was carried out so that Papua was safe and the people did not worry about KST attacks.

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