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DOB Aspirations of OAP (Indigenous Papuans) to Accelerate Development and Progress of Papua


Jakarta – All kinds of decisions prioritize deliberation from both the community and government levels so that all kinds of policies really get support from the community so that there will be no conflict. This was conveyed by Jek Mangginom Kapisa as Chair of the Pillar of the West Papuan People’s Youth in a Podcast with the theme “DOB as the aspirations of OAP (Indigenous Papuans) for the Acceleration of Development and Progress of Papua” which was held online media Talk News Network on Sunday (17/07/2022) .

In addition, he also said that basically the formation of this new autonomous region must prioritize the interests of the people and not only for political interests. The formation of this new autonomous region actually also encourages the opening of regional accessibility and can also reduce the unemployment rate. He hopes that human resources in Papua must be prepared in advance so that they can be ready to face the new autonomous regions.

The existence of new autonomous regions is considered very helpful for human resources in Papua. However, the Government still has to prioritize the level of local wisdom in Papua. He also added that the existence of new autonomous regions would create more job opportunities and increase the level of education, health, and regional accessibility. “However, the government must prioritize local wisdom in Papua,” he said.

“As a society, we must respect each other, both from inter-Papuan tribes and all tribes in the archipelago because this country is made up of various tribes,” he said. DOB is very important to support the acceleration of development and improvement of human standard of living. Finally, he also added that the local wisdom of each tribe has a very close relationship which the government must really pay attention to, in order to continue to encourage their love for the Republic of Indonesia.

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