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Encouraging Political Elites to Create a Conducive Situation Ahead of the 2024 Election

The political elite should indeed be able to provide an example to all people in the country by stopping the narrative of bringing each other down which will actually cause even more commotion in society, especially ahead of the implementation of the democratic party and political contestation in the General Election (Pemilu) event on in 2024.
It cannot be denied that all elements of society in Indonesia really need and require a cool political atmosphere. 
Therefore, political education to the public must also be delivered by highlighting the superior programs of each candidate who wishes to contest.
Because, if the democratic party can run like that, namely when the political elites do not carry out narrative practices to bring each other down and instead focus on what kind of flagship program they have and continue to socialize it to the public, then the democratic climate will also continue to improve. the development of what was previously just a mobilizational democracy, is now a participatory democracy.
It is also important that there are instructions from Political Parties (Parpol) to all their candidates, whether they are contesting in the Presidential Election (Pilpres) or Legislative Election (Pileg), not to get trapped or become part of the party that brings down another candidate’s personality.
Instead of continuing to be trapped as a person who uses various kinds of narratives just to bring down his political opponents, it would be much better if he could continue to highlight the superior programs he has by preaching them to the general public, especially whatever is stated in his vision. and the mission of prospective candidates who come forward is because the community itself has the right to know about the program that will be implemented.
So, in the future, if the public already knows what the superior programs of each candidate who will compete in the political contest are, then they will make their choice based on the criteria or superiority of the program offered, not based on bad narratives.
With the dissemination of superior programs, the people themselves will be moved to come to the polling place because it is based on the program and not just because of the candidate’s physical form or group background and so on, so that the quality of the elections will be much improved in the future. .
It is also hoped that when the political elites have implemented a good democratic party by not using narratives that vilify each other, the public will follow suit and not continue to sink into this vicious circle so that the upcoming 2024 General Election will be able to run peacefully.
In relation to this, the Chairman of the General Election Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu), Rahmat Bagja also hopes that all elements of society can continue to maintain harmony in the implementation of the Election. 
In fact, efforts to criticize each other are of course fine and actually a good thing, but don’t let this criticism become an opportunity to badmouth each other.
Having arguments during a democratic party is certainly a very good thing, because it will further enliven the democratic climate. 
However, all parties must also be jointly responsible for whatever narrative they convey to the public.
There must also be a belief embedded in the minds of the people, that whoever will be officially elected to sit on the bench of President or Vice President as well as all regional leaders and legislators in the future, will all be the best sons and daughters of the nation because they are all willing to sacrifice everything. time and importance for the country or region. 
Therefore, there should be no attempts to attack and bring each other down.
For this reason, there is a relaxation of the rules, namely that all participants in the General Election are allowed to carry out outreach even before the campaign period. 
However, of course in the socialization event there should be no invitation to vote, because basically the socialization itself aims to make the public aware of the superior programs that each candidate has.
However, there are several other things that are important, namely not only trying to realize peaceful elections, but also the implementation of the democratic party must be able to run smoothly and with integrity. 
In order to realize this, all parties must be able to sensitively and swiftly overcome various indications of vulnerability in the implementation of political contestation.
The practice of using narratives that actually vilify and bring down each other should be stopped as soon as possible in society. 
To be able to maximize these efforts, political elites should also be able to set a good example because if the narrative of bringing down each other continues to spread widely, it will actually trigger even more chaos in the elections.

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