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Establish a meeting with PDIP, PPP: Follow-up to succeed Ganjar as a presidential candidate in 2024


Jakarta — Acting general chairman of PPP, Muhamad Mardiono was present in person at a meeting between his party and PDIP on Sunday (30/4).

He emphasized that the meeting was to follow up on PPP’s support for Ganjar Pranowo.

“The basis of cooperation in politics between PDIP and PPP is based on prediscential political cooperation, we will follow up all of this with many stages in order to make Ganjar Pranowo a success as a presidential candidate,” he said.

Not only that, but Mardiono also advised the Presidential Candidates from the PDIP cadres so that later they could implement politics that compete to invite good and prevent evil.

“Then PPP entrusted it to Ganjar Pranowo, who has a populist mission, so that we would entrust the politics that the president is carrying out is politics that is amar ma’ruf nahi munkar,” he added.

He also asked the Governor of Central Java to be able to continue the leadership relay, mainly regarding development in Indonesia.

“We also asked Pak Ganjar Pranowo to continue the leadership relay in continuing our development,” said Mardiono.

He absolutely does not want the Indonesian nation to continue to be in a stagnant state and so that it can continue to progress to catch up so that it can be on par with other developed countries in the world.

“We must not be stuck but must move forward, because we do not want to be left behind from other countries, we also want to catch up and be on an equal footing with other countries,” hoped the Plt Ketum PPP.

Moreover, for him, there is a strengthening of cooperation between PPP and PDIP so that all Indonesian people can enjoy the results of democratic elections.

“It is our basis for building strengthening of this presidential political cooperation, how to build the nation going forward so that the people can enjoy the democratic results of the upcoming 2024 elections,” he concluded.

In line with this, the Secretary General of the PDIP DPP, Hasto Kristiyanto also hopes that the cooperation between his party and PPP will be able to bring blessings.

“The cooperation between the two parties will bring a mandate for Indonesia to progress and the people will reap blessings,” he hoped.

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