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Extraordinary, Ahead of the Inauguration of PYCH Papuan Youths Successfully Make Smartphones and Laptops


Papua – Papuan youths are now ready to launch the first smartphone and laptop brand in Papua with the name TOP.ID. They are a group of young people in the Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) who are members of the Inspiring Young Papua (PMI), which is a Papuan youth organization assisted by the State Intelligence Agency (BIN). This is an extraordinary achievement from young Papuans who have succeeded in increasing their human resources so that they can create extraordinary new breakthroughs.

“One of the targets of PYCH is to make new innovations for the land of Papua, for the people of Papua, which were proposed by young Papuans themselves,” said Elia Musa Rawar, Program Manager for Technology at PMI some time ago.

According to him, TOP.ID stands for Torang Papua Indonesia. He claimed that this was the first smartphone and laptop brand that was originally assembled by Papuan children.

Added by Elia Musa, TOP.ID smartphone and laptop assemblers are children from a vocational high school in Jayapura.

“Everyday they are talented in electronics and computers as well. So when we take them to join the training, to introduce them to how to open a cell phone, how to assemble a cell phone from scratch so that it is suitable for use like a new cell phone, “explained Elia Musa.

The plan to launch the TOP.ID brand itself will be inaugurated by Indonesian President Joko Widodo who came to Papua at the same time as the inauguration of the Papua Youth Creative Hub building as a place for young Papuans to create freely.

Currently, his party is trying to register the TOP.ID brand as Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) so that young Papuans have works that are recognized and can contribute to technological progress in Indonesia.

“So far we are in the pilot stage, we have assembled hundreds of gadgets. After that we will make a promotion and start selling it after the launch later, which will be inaugurated by Mr Jokowi,” he said.

The man who took an undergraduate program at Shenyang Aerospace University in China and a master’s program at Portland State University in the United States is committed to distributing TOP.ID after it was launched by President Joko Widodo.

Meanwhile, through training from PYCH, Elmus hopes that young Papuans will be able to add insight and skills to be able to innovate, as well as create jobs in the field of device and computer repair.

“We express our deepest gratitude to Mr. Jokowi and the Head of BIN, Mr. Budi Gunawan for all the opportunities, all the facilities, and all the things that you have done for the children of Papua so that they can be creative, and can get such extraordinary facilities,” he said.

The TOP.ID brand will later be marketed not only in Papua but to Papua New Guinea which is the closest country and is still on the same continent, as well as the eastern region in particular.

“The target is besides Papua, or maybe later it can also be in Papua New Guinea, because it is the closest country to Papua and is still on the same continent. The eastern region of Indonesia in particular,” said Elia Musa.

The TOP.ID smartphone is planned to use the M13 model with 12GB RAM and 512GB ROM. This phone will also use Android version 11.0 with a resolution of 1440*3040.

As for the TOP.ID laptop, it will use a total of 8192 MB of memory with a read speed of up to 2133 MHz.

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