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Fight Hoaxes and Negative Content around the Ratification of Special Autonomy Volume 2


By: Halimatussadiyyah ( Tangerang City Citizen )

Hoax is a threat that spreads in the community that can cause a loss. Today, the development of technology is getting faster, making social media one of the fastest media for uploading information, which can lead to negative behavior by irresponsible people. One example is spreading negative narratives for a purpose that is detrimental to certain parties.

The number of propaganda issues that are developing in the community related to Special Autonomy in Papua, makes citizens have to continue to be careful in social media and absorb information. Don’t let misinformation lead to wrong thinking and understanding.

Special Autonomy for the Papua Province is a special authority recognized and given to the Papua Province to regulate and manage the interests of the local community according to its own initiative based on the aspirations and basic rights of the Papuan people.

The granting of Special Autonomy for the Papua Province is intended to achieve justice, uphold the rule of law, respect for human rights, accelerate economic development, improve welfare, and progress the Papuan people in the context of equality and balance with the progress of other provinces .

The government’s plan to hold Otsus Volume 2 is something that must be supported in the community, but with positive behavior. Because the hoax that spreads with the Papua issue can hinder development in the Papua region.

The spread of hoaxes can be fought as early as possible so as not to have a harmful effect on the public, one of them is by reading or educating yourself as much as possible with trusted sources. The public can also search for any news or issues, especially about Otsus Papua through sources or portals that are proven to be accurate or can also refer to the library before re- uploading . This will prevent things that are provocative because Indonesian netizens are actually a smart nation.

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