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Fishermen of Malang Regency Support Ganjar Pranowo to Become President in 2024


MALANG — Fishermen in Malang Regency, East Java continue to fully support Ganjar Pranowo to become a figure of President in 2024.

It is known that the volunteers who are members of the Village for Ganjar (Des Ganjar) also continue to spread various kinds of positive activities in the community.

Head of DPC Des Ganjar, Malang Regency, Hendik Arso, stated that his party also enlivened the Larungan sea picking activity and at the same time helped provide assistance to residents.

With the tradition of picking the sea larungan, it is a place to express gratitude for the abundant marine products by the fishermen.

“The purpose of this activity is to thank the fishermen for the extraordinary catches,” explained Hendik.

Not only that, but Des Ganjar volunteers also provided socialization about how the presidential candidate from the PDI Perjuangan will advance in the 2024 presidential election.

One of the fishermen in Pujiharjo Village, Pujo, stated that the activities carried out by the volunteers were very good and populist.

“For (steps) Des Ganjar is very good, people for us,” he said.

Local residents and fishermen also all gave a positive response by praying that Ganjar Pranowo would be elected as the nation’s future leader.

“Hopefully Mr. Ganjar will be more victorious and become President for the Indonesian people,” said Pujo.

Meanwhile, support for the leader who is identical with white hair does not only come from all people from various backgrounds, but also comes from President Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

Political Observer from Pelita Harapan University (UPH), Emrus Sihombing revealed that the support from the Head of State was actually very clearly aimed at Ganjar Pranowo.

According to him, this support was due to the fact that the figure of the Governor of Central Java has a lot in common with President Jokowi, starting from the same party, the political struggle and political ideology are also the same.

In fact, President Jokowi himself had come directly from Solo to attend the announcement of Ganjar Pranowo as the PDI Perjuangan presidential candidate at the Batu Tulis Palace, Bogor some time ago.

Everything is a clear symbol that he provides support and really appreciates the leader who is identical with white hair.

“Even though the real thing is, if we look at the symbols, Jokowi really supports and appreciates Ganjar,” said Emrus.

He also added that if Ganjar becomes President in 2024, then it is clear that he will be very capable of continuing all the ideas and ideas of the current Head of State.

“How about Ganjar Pranowo if he becomes president? I can say almost 100% that I will continue Pak Jokowi’s ideas and ideas, because the background is the same,” he said.

“I analyzed that Mr. Jokowi’s support was very clear for Mr. Ganjar,” concluded Emrus.

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