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Ganjar Pranowo, a presidential candidate who cares about education


By: Fabian Aditya Pratama )*

Ganjar Pranowo is the ideal presidential candidate because he really cares about education. As a figure who has experience in leading, he wants to become head of state to educate the people. The public supports Ganjar as the ideal presidential candidate and wins him in the 2024 elections.

The 2024 election is in sight and soon the campaign period for the presidential candidate. The Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) has announced that its presidential candidate (candidate) in the upcoming elections is Ganjar Pranowo. He carried out the party’s mandate and became a qualified candidate for leadership.

The governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo, will focus more on the education sector when he becomes president of the Republic of Indonesia. For this reason, he asked PGRI and PGSI to participate in providing input to the government in formulating and compiling education politics in Central Java.

If the policies made are correct, at least that is the responsibility given by the government to the nation and state because they are obliged to contribute. But if it’s wrong, you can’t blame each other because it’s a joint effort.

Ganjar revealed that the formulation of education in Central Java in the future must be more inclusive, involve all parties, be equitable and of good quality. That way it will be able to prepare students to become independent individuals, have high competitiveness and fighting spirit, and have an entrepreneurial spirit that can open their own jobs in the midst of global competition.

In a sense, Ganjar Pranowo is very concerned about the education sector because he implements Article 5 Paragraph 1 of Law Number 20 of 2023 which reads: Every citizen has the same right to obtain quality education. He cares about education because he implements laws and obeys the rules made by the government.

In addition, Ganjar is aware that education is number one. If you want Indonesia to progress, what is being promoted is education. The children will become future leaders because they have already taken higher education. The state frees tuition fees in state schools so that it does not burden the people in studying.

Education must also be evenly distributed throughout Indonesia. Not only in Java but also in Sumatra, Kalimantan, even as far as Papua. Good schools continue to be built and teachers are also prepared to educate Indonesian children. One of them is through the SM3T program (Bachelor of Education in Frontier, Outermost, and Disadvantaged Regions).

Ganjar is also aware that inclusive and informal education is also important. The aim is to increase the skills of the community. If many people have additional skills, such as  hair cutting, graphic designing, or other skills  , they will become formidable entrepreneurs. With the skills learned, he can be independent and have no trouble finding a job.

So far, Ganjar has often given gifts that support the education of students. For example, when he visits schools/campuses, students/students who ask questions will be given books, laptops, or tuition fees for the next year. With this prize, they will be more enthusiastic about learning.

Meanwhile, Ganjar also cares about the education of children with special needs (ABK). Ganjar appreciated the great ABK teachers. According to him, they have great patience, the method is good, so they have the spirit to encourage children with special needs to be independent.

Ganjar added, it is not impossible that education and guidance given properly will bring out the latent talents of children with special needs. It’s worth noting, sometimes we can find a special talent, maybe art, maybe sport. In events that are national, international, with special needs, we are often the champions.

Ganjar hopes that the existence of schools for children with special needs will receive more attention. These kinds of schools (special schools) are the government’s concern to be more advanced. 

In a sense, Ganjar is not only concerned with formal and informal education. But he also cares about education for the ABK. The ABK are Indonesian children who have the right to education even though their conditions are different from normal children.

Indonesia needs a presidential candidate who understands the condition of the people. Currently, Indonesia is in an adaptation phase, where it has been hit by the co-19 pandemic for 3 years. Corona not only affects the health sector but also education.

When many people lose their jobs because of the corona, it is the children who are affected. They are threatened with dropping out of school because they have no money. Therefore Ganjar is determined to eradicate poverty and improve education in Indonesia, because the two are interrelated.

Ganjar Pranowo promised to care about education, especially children. He realized that education is number one if this country wants to progress. Indonesia must rise and become an Asian tiger, and one of the ways is by improving the education sector. As a presidential candidate, Ganjar wants Indonesian children to get the best educational facilities to make them smarter.

)* The author is a contributor to the Nawasena Institute Contributors

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