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Ganjar Pranowo Able to Create Quick and Easy Community Service Policies


By: Fabian Aditya Pratama )*

People’s hearts are happy when public service policies are not complicated, but quick and easy. In this case, a figure that is loved can win the hearts of the people through public service, namely Ganjar Pranowo, the Governor of Central Java who is predicted to be able to make this policy and has succeeded in proving it.

The forerunner of the PDI Perjuangan presidential candidate has been appointed, namely Ganjar Pranowo who currently serves as Governor of Central Java Province for two terms since last August 2013.

During his tenure as Governor, Ganjar was known as a figure who had a good track record, especially in terms of leading the people of Central Java during these two periods, which was also proven through the various achievements he had achieved.

In this case, one of the important achievements that Ganjar has as a ‘servant’ of the community is building the economy of the Central Java region to be more advanced and increasing through his various policies.

Responding to this, the Deputy Governor of Central Java, Taj Yasin Maimoen, agreed that Ganjar had a good leadership spirit, so that the decision was considered to have chosen the right person.

According to him, so far when accompanying the figure of Ganjar as Head of the Central Java Region, he has learned a lot. One of them is related to policies to boost government performance in serving the community quickly and easily.

In fact, according to him, the policies and strategies that are currently being applied to the Central Java Provincial Government are expected to be able to reach the national level and become a positive role model for other Indonesian Local Governments (Pemda), especially those related to integrity.

Regarding public services, the dominance of the Central Java region is said to be the province with the highest quality public services in 2022 which in that year was still under the leadership of Ganjar Pranowo.

According to data from the results of the RI Ombudsman’s assessment of the implementation of public services in that year, out of 35 regencies/cities in Central Java Province, 34 regencies/cities entered the green zone (high compliance), and one of them was a yellow zone (moderate compliance). namely in Purworejo Regency.

With these results, it can be said that the electability possessed by Ganjar as a politician who is able to solve various problems in his area is relatively high. The reason is, indeed regarding public services it has been regulated in such a way in Law Number 25 of 2009 concerning Public Services which obliges every public service provider to comply with service standards.

With the existence of this service standard it functions as the most important benchmark for assessing the quality of public services provided to the community to test the fulfillment of the obligations and promises of the organizers to the community. 

Related to this, the community certainly wants quality, fast, easy, and affordable public services. In 2022, the Indonesian Ombudsman as the organizer of the public service assessment perfected his assessment.

Regarding the assessment of public service standards, there are three important aspects that become successful in meeting the best service standards. One of them is the role and encouragement of regional heads in providing services to the community.

Central Java being the best province that has the highest quality public services is inseparable from the role of its Governor, namely Ganjar Pranowo, as agreed by his Deputy Governor, Taj Yasin Maimoen.

In addition, Central Java is also recorded as occupying the top rank in the ranking of local governments throughout Indonesia, of the top 10 districts with the best scores in Indonesia, four are from the Central Java region. Likewise for the city government category, Central Java is among the top 10 best nationally, four are from the Central Java region.

From the results of this assessment, it is hoped that Central Java’s achievements can be glimpsed by other provinces as a positive example to improve public service standards in accordance with Law Number 25 of 2009 concerning Public Services.

For all his achievements, it is evident that under the leadership of Ganjar Pranowo, a region is capable of making many achievements and providing quality with the best service. Then, what if this can be implemented throughout Indonesia with the leadership of Ganjar?

Of course that makes something positive, even so Ganjar recently became the forerunner of the 2024 Presidential Candidate (Capres) who has high electability compared to the others, so that his ability is no doubt if he leads the country.

Not only regarding public services, under the leadership of Ganjar, Central Java has succeeded in reducing the poverty rate and increasing the stable economic growth rate above 5 percent for the past 10 years. 

To overcome this problem, it is not easy and of course requires high integrity of the leader’s soul. In this case, the figure of Ganjar is considered capable of making innovations and policies that will benefit the community, especially those related to public services for all regions of Indonesia.

Still regarding the feasibility of the figure of Ganjar, the Curious-Katadata Insight Center (KIC) survey proved that Ganjar Pranowo is the most superior figure among others, and is considered capable of overcoming economic problems in Indonesia.

         Apart from that, Ganjar is also said to have been able to overcome the problem of digital industry readiness by 40.4 percent, inflation by 37.1 percent, and fuel price stability by 36.8 percent.

With the evidence that Central Java dominates public services of the highest quality, Ganjar Pranowo, who took part in it, is considered capable of making policies to serve the public quickly and easily.

)* The author is a contributor to Nawasena Institute

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