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Ganjar Pranowo Game Changer Figure Political Map of the 2024 Election


The 2024 presidential candidate from the Democratic Party of Struggle, Ganjar Pranowo, is said to be a figure who can become a game changer and will make the political map in Indonesia very dynamic and changing in the upcoming 2024 election. He has higher electability than other presidential candidates so he is able to become a magnet for other political parties to approach the PDI-P.

Researcher from the Center for Political Studies of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), Aisah Putri Budiatri considers that the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) actually has a very high chance of forming a grand coalition in the face of the 2024 Presidential Election (Pilpres).

It is known that the current position of the PDI-P itself is actually a very strong party because without even having to form a coalition with other political parties (Parpol), they can nominate their own Presidential Candidates (Capres). Even so, it turns out that if they want to form a coalition with other political parties, there are at least a number of requirements.

One of them is by carrying the figure of a Presidential Candidate who is indeed very strong. Previously, Aisah considered that if the PDI-P carried out and announced the figure of Ganjar Pranowo as their presidential candidate in the upcoming 2024 Pilpers, then the chance for a grand coalition would not be impossible.

How could it not be, because by promoting the name Ganjar Pranowo, then of course it will become a magnet and be able to make other political parties join the PDI-P ranks.

Of course, the researcher from BRIN also explained that if the announcement of the presidential candidate by the Party bearing the Red Bull logo was made before the grand coalition was actually formed, then he firmly believed that PDI-P would be able to become a game changer or be able to change the direction of the political map in Indonesia. in the interparty political lobbying process.

According to Aisah, of course having a large amount of power will make other political parties rethink about how the political strategy they want to use, especially for certain political parties which until now have not joined any coalition.

It is also undeniable that every political party will certainly see a high potential for victory when they can form a coalition and approach a party as strong as the PDI-P, including being able to nominate who the vice president (Wapres) wants to carry and other benefits.

One of the strongest reasons why PDI-P is able to become a party that is called a game changer in the political map in Indonesia in the upcoming 2024 election event is because of the name Ganjar Pranowo in the party, which data shows that he has the highest electability. among other candidates who are said to be included in the presidential election.

The researcher added that so far there has been consistency and positive sentiment from the public towards PDI-P, especially towards the figure of Ganjar Pranowo as Governor of Central Java. So that the determination of Ganjar Pranowo as a presidential candidate, then of course he will be the most popular and most likely to win the contest.

As it is known that the electability of the 54-year-old man and also included as a whole, the electability held by the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle itself is still at the top of the results of various survey institutions.

Ganjar’s electability has even skyrocketed again after declining after Indonesia failed to host the U-20 World Cup. From the results of the latest survey from the SMRC institution, Ganjar is in the top position and outperforms Prabowo Subianto and Anies Baswedan.

Meanwhile, Executive Director of Indo Barometer, M Qodari sees that there is a possibility that Ganjar’s promotion will also make the Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) base return to being a strong and harmonious partner with PDI-P.

As is well known, the PDI-P has officially appointed Ganjar Pranowo as the 2024 presidential candidate. The appointment was made by the Ketum PDIP Megawati at the Batu Tulis Palace on Friday (21/4).

Previously, the Secretary General of the PDI-P, Hasto asked all cadres to be prepared in order to welcome the announcement of which presidential candidate would be carried by the General Chair of the PDI-P. according to him, the announcement of this promotion will adjust to the right momentum, and of course the decision to carry it has been taken with a lot of consideration on how the dynamics are in the world and nationally.

Indeed, dynamics will continue to occur, especially closer to the democratic General Election (Election) in 2024. This includes the political map in Indonesia, which is still very likely to change and change. In fact, one of the figures who is predicted to be able to completely overhaul the political map and become a game changer is Ganjar Pranowo.

)* The author is a contributor to Nusantara Reading Room

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