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Ganjar Pranowo Leader Cares for the Nation’s Youth, Encourages Achievements on the World Stage


Writer Maria Wenda


SEMARANG — Ganjar Pranowo is a leader who really cares about young people who are the future of the nation, he is committed to always encouraging all the achievements of these youths even to penetrate the world stage.

The presidential candidate from the PDI Perjuangan also advised young people in the country to have faith and not give up easily in their efforts to realize their goals.

In fact, according to him, regardless of the distance and location of these children, it does not rule out the possibility that they will be able to become champions at the world level.

“Distance, place, where you are very likely to become champions, even the world. That’s cool,” said Ganjar.

Furthermore, the Governor of Central Java also told how he met Fadillah Arbi, a young man who was able to achieve the first podium in the 2023 FIM Junior GP Barcelona Moto3 class.

Ganjar also gladly accepted Arbi’s visit to his official residence.

“With pleasure. Because you are a world champion, a child (from) Purworejo,” he said.

According to Ganjar, it is clear that the figure of a child like Arbi is proof of real confirmation that indeed young people in Indonesia are capable of conquering the world.

“(This is) the mentality of a champion, Indonesian child,” he said.

Meanwhile, there were three teenagers from Aceh, Papua and Central Java who spoke to Ganjar about some of the problems that young people often experience.

They raised a number of issues such as sexual harassment, proper education to early marriage.

One of them, a son from Merauke, South Papua, Darwis Eka Setiadi, stated that the data for Highlands Papua, Central Papua to South Papua continues to be the province with the lowest level of completion of elementary to high school education in Indonesia.

According to him, the children who dropped out of school were due to economic problems and a lack of support from the family.

Therefore, for him it is very important to have a good approach, such as assistance to send local tribal chiefs and provide socialization of the importance of education.

“Children dropping out of school are caused by economic problems first, then the second is a lack of encouragement from the family. I see in Papua that children who don’t go to school are left by their parents. Whether you want to go to school or not is up to you, the important thing is that parents are willing to pay for it,” he said.

“This needs an approach, maybe the Provincial Government can send it to tribal leaders in Papua to socialize that education is important,” said the student at SMAN 3 Merauke.

Responding to the complaints conveyed by the youths, Ganjar Pranowo then revealed that these problems were indeed samples of problems that are still happening in Indonesia.

Thus, at the national children’s forum, representatives from youth throughout the country will formulate all issues and then submit the formulation to President Jokowi.

For Ganjar, it is also very important that young people can be given space so they can speak and convey their aspirations.

“We took samples. It turns out that there is violence against children, early marriage, and access to schools,” he explained.

“This is what concerns us that these children really need to be given space so that they can speak and convey their aspirations for children their age,” said Ganjar after the event.

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