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Ganjar Pranowo, Presidential Candidate Much Coveted by the People


By : Janu Farid Kesar )*

Indonesian President Candidate Ganjar Pranowo is loved by the Indonesian people, especially children. He can get along with small children while setting an example. Children like Ganjar because it is easy to get along with and often gives gifts, which is useful for their education.

The presidential candidate (candidate) Ganjar Pranowo is widely known by the public, both through television shows and social media. He is not only known as the Governor of Central Java. But also as a populist official and loved by the people of Indonesia.

Not only adults, Ganjar Pranowo is also liked by children. During his visit to the Aisyiyah Kotta Barat Solo Orphanage, Ganjar had a warm meeting with the residents of the orphanage. The children talked about their academic and non-academic achievements.

Ganjar Pranowo stated that he asked the children to show their abilities. One of the residents of the orphanage named Mala came forward and sang very beautifully. Finally he sang dangdut song. After singing, Ganjar offered him a prize and he was asked to choose a cell phone, bicycle or laptop.

Spontaneously, Mala chose a laptop as a gift and did not expect that Ganjar would actually receive it as a gift. Moreover, to get a laptop, of course, you need a lot of money. However, Ganjar gave the gift so that Mala could use it to study and become an outstanding student.

The figure of Ganjar is known to be generous in giving gifts to children. He was praised because the gifts he gave were very educative, for example laptops to support the learning process, or books. On another occasion, he also gave gifts in the form of free tuition fees for children who dared to come forward and communicate with him.

When having an audience with children it is very visible that they feel comfortable and communicate well. Kids know who’s good or who’s bad. Ganjar was warmly welcomed because he was sincere in his audience with them. Ganjar shows his figure, although he is a governor, but does not hesitate in communicating with his people, especially children.

The gift from Ganjar did not make people give a negative perception. They considered that Ganjar was very sincere in giving gifts, not bribes so that his name would become more widely known. The gifts given were purely because Ganjar was generous and wanted Indonesian children to be more advanced.

Moreover, the prizes given also have educational value, such as books and laptops, so that they support the children’s learning process. Ganjar realized that they needed support in the form of books and gadgets so that their school would run smoothly. Children are future leaders so they must be supported by giving gifts.

Meanwhile, Ganjar was also interviewed by 6 young reporters from kindergarten and elementary school in Semarang. Met at his office, Ganjar said he was happy to meet these brave children. He answered and then sang along. Ganjar casually attends audiences and is friendly with the boys.

One small reporter named Jane Lidiana stated that she did not expect that Ganjar Pranowo was a funny and fun person. Jane was happy because she was welcomed and invited to sing along. Ganjar also answered his questions well and answered them in words that children could understand.

Moreover, Ganjar set an example for children who become reporters by giving examples in the form of stories. With this example, they will understand what is good and what is wrong. Ganjar does not patronize but sets an example in a fun way.

The children are not afraid to meet Ganjar even though he is a presidential candidate. They like being around Ganjar because they always welcome them warmly and intimately. Ganjar is synonymous with being friendly and not arrogant, therefore he is always loved by children.

From social media, the public can also judge that children like Ganjar. There are many videos showing him casually cycling, being chased by children to be asked to take pictures together. He responded to their requests in a friendly and joking manner. The videos of Ganjar being chased by children immediately became famous on social media and increased his electability.

An official like Ganjar is usually escorted by bodyguards. However, when children chased him, Ganjar asked his bodyguards to be more relaxed and not chase the children away. He understands that these children want to approach and communicate with him, and then take pictures together. Ganjar’s humble and flexible attitude made him loved by the people.

Indonesia needs a leader like Ganjar Pranowo who is not only humble but also loved by the people, especially children. They, even though they don’t have the right to vote, still like Ganjar. The children felt happy because Ganjar was good at communicating even though his interlocutor was a child. Moreover, Ganjar often gives gifts in the form of books. Bicycles, or laptops, which are especially useful for children.

)* The author is a contributor to the Nusantara reading room

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