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Ganjar supporters in West Java continue to increase, the Santri Association is fully committed


BANDUNG — Ganjar Pranowo’s supporters in West Java continue to increase, the Indonesian Santri Association (Hisnu) has a very strong commitment to provide their full support.

Hisnu National Coordinator, Gus Yusuf Hidayat, said that he had met with the West Java Hisnu party consisting of various students and kyai to discuss winning strategies.

All the volunteers are ready and they will continue to strengthen their ranks in winning Ganjar Pranowo.

After the meeting, Gus Yusuf appealed to Hisnu West Java to immediately move to the community to socialize the PDI Perjuangan presidential candidate, including mapping and data collection.

“Everyone must move quickly, move smartly, and carry out mapping and data collection correctly,” he said.

Meanwhile, West Java Hisnu Regional Coordinator, Muhammad Taqiyuddin Basri admitted that he would immediately move to target many organizations down to the grass roots in carrying out outreach.

They will visit various places, they will also strengthen and confirm a wider winning team.

“Our target is to win,” he said.

On the other hand, Kawan Juang volunteer Ganjar Pranowo in West Java is also continuing to focus on being able to teach the voices of voters who are still uncertain.

To facilitate this, they then provide various services such as free health care.

Coordinator of Kawan Juang Jabar, Beny Kurniadi, revealed that his party would continue to intensify outreach, especially for gray voters in Bandung.

“Of course we want to enter the gray area. So far, Bandung in particular and West Java in general, the voter level for Mr. Ganjar is still low, so we are penetrating several points or regions,” he said.

In intensifying positive activities such as free health tests, Beny stated that he would come to 60 areas that are rarely touched by other parties.

“Areas such as those in areas that are quite dense but far from urban areas such as Sumedang, Garut. Residential areas are far from health services,” he said.

On another occasion, Member of the DPR RI from the PDI Perjuangan faction, Junico BP Siahaan, said that Ganjar Pranowo would spend a lot of time to attend and greet residents in West Java directly.

“This is normal, Pak Ganjar only resigned on September 5 as Governor of Central Java. “Hopefully after stopping we can spend a lot of time in the West Java region,” he said.

According to him, the white-haired leader’s activities in going around to greet residents in West Java will be well consolidated.

This is because there are 13 Regional Heads and one Deputy Regional Head who come from the PDI Perjuangan.

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