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Ganjar the Best Central Java Leader, Deserves Continued Support to Become President in 2024


Jakarta – Ganjar Pranowo is the best leader of Central Java Province (Jateng), so it is fitting that he continues to be supported to become President of the Republic of Indonesia in 2024.

Central Deputy Chair of the Ganjar Pranowo Winning Coordination Team (TKPG), Adian Napitupulu, revealed that the Presidential Candidate from the PDI Perjuangan was indeed a good personal figure.

“So we shouldn’t leave a good person like this (Ganjar Pranowo) alone. “Good people must be supported by good people,” he said.

“And I am happy that at this time there are so many good people who have gathered in this place to win over our good man, Ganjar Pranowo,” said Adian.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Southeast Sulawesi PDI Perjuangan DPD Lukman Abunawa emphasized that he continues to be committed to winning Ganjar Pranowo as President of the Republic of Indonesia in the 2024 elections.

“Of course we have compared the three pillars. Both from the legislature, executive and law. Now there are 33 of our volunteers spread across Southeast Sulawesi,” he said.

On another occasion, how the white-haired man was considered the best leader in Central Java was also seen from the hundreds of people from various groups who continued to come to Puri Gedeh to meet him who was about to retire.

People from various backgrounds such as posyandu cadres, street sweepers, tobacco farmers, millennial farmers, watercolor painting communities and many more.

Even some of the residents who came seemed to bring crops which were then handed over to Ganjar Pranowo.

The existence of these crops is a sign of love and appreciation given by the community to the 54-year-old leader for leading Central Java very well in his two terms.

The produce from the community was then partially processed by the famous YouTuber, Chef Bobon Santoso, who wanted to cook a special dish for Ganjar Pranowo and also share it with the residents of Central Java.

“Thank you for being allowed to cook here, as the person who first came to see you in person to wish you a happy retirement, and success in the next service. “We wish Mr. Ganjar success wherever he goes,” said Bobon to Ganjar.

Then Ganjar himself admitted that he walked and met street sweepers every day and he left a message for the sweeper to continue to maintain cleanliness.

“Because almost every day I walk and meet street sweepers, now we give them here first. Mothers who have been sweeping even since 4 in the morning. “Thank you, please always keep it clean,” he said.

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