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Government Carry out House Repairs in Maybrat Affected by KST Papua Attacks


The attack carried out by the Separatist and Terrorist Group ( KST ) in Kisor, Maybrat, in 2021 resulted in many residents’ houses being damaged. The government repairs their homes so that they are livable and can be reoccupied. The people of Maybrat are also grateful because the government is giving this attention as proof of the presence of the state in society.

KST carried out an attack in the Kisor area, Maybrat, Southwest Papua Province, at the end of 2021. There were 4 victims from the Indonesian Army who died as a result of the attack by the separatist group. Apart from that, residents’ houses were also damaged due to the KST brutality, and forced them to temporarily evacuate.

The local government of Maybrat is repairing residents’ houses so that they can return from evacuation and can occupy proper housing. Head of the Housing and Settlement Area Office of the Maybrat Regency Government Zakeus Momao stated that the number of houses that were damaged was 1,212. Meanwhile, 419 houses have been worked on through the Maybrat APBD for the 2023 fiscal year

Zakeus said that the 1,212 damaged houses were spread across 18 villages in the South Aifat District and 32 villages in the East Aifat Raya District. Meanwhile, 419 houses that were repaired were located in 14 villages in South Aifat District and 1 village in East Aifat Raya. House repairs were carried out such as repairing doors, windows and replacing damaged roofs after being left by the owner for 2 years.

Apart from houses, construction of road access to a number of villages has already been started by contractors. Health, education and religious services in Aifat District have also been carried out. For road infrastructure, repairs to the Kamundan-Kamat road have been carried out for about 2 weeks and it has penetrated Kampung Kamat. Then, Kamat-Ayata entered Kampung Ayata.

For the South Aifat area, the Roma Road to Kaitana Village has been opened. Apart from that, the Church, school and health services in the Aifat area are already running except for 3 villages in Fuoog which are not yet running.

The people of Maybrat are very happy because their houses have been repaired by the local government. This assistance is urgently needed because to make the house livable, it certainly requires a lot of funds. The Maybrat government has made repairs to hundreds of houses so that its residents can return from evacuation and live a decent life, as before the KST attack.

When the Maybrat people’s houses have been repaired, they can return from evacuation. They feel bad because they are displaced and have difficulty taking their children to school. However, when the house has been repaired, they can return to Maybrat and continue their lives without any problems.

Meanwhile, efforts to eradicate KST are continuing so that they will no longer carry out attacks on people in Maybrat and in other areas in Papua. the Papuan people support the eradication of KST. If possible, they will be given firm, measured measures so that they can be completely annihilated from the Earth of Cendrawasih.

The Cartenz Peace Task Force as a team specifically formed to eradicate KST is increasingly diligent in conducting patrols. They usually patrol Puncak District, because it is still prone to conflict there. The community must be guarded against KST attacks that can cause injuries, even fatalities.

To expedite the action, KST carried out terror in various ways. Starting from burning schools, attacking settlements, even worse, they deliberately killed civilians, security forces, teachers and health workers. It is very sad because they are attacking those who have contributed greatly to the people of Papua.

Therefore KST must be eradicated so as not to carry out further attacks. Don’t let the situation become complicated because of the attacks and incitement, and hostilities between residents spark. Even a provocation can trigger a dangerous tribal war.

The Papuan people support the TNI and Polri in the context of eradicating KST. If there are officers then civilians will be safe. They are aware that the security forces are friends of the people and have been deployed to Papua to eradicate KST.

The local government of Maybrat made repairs to hundreds of houses of its residents, which were damaged by the KST attack. The community appreciates this program because they can return to the house and it is fit for habitation. Maybrat residents no longer have to live in evacuation shelters, but can return to Maybrat and continue their daily lives.

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