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Government Committed to Protecting Young Generation from Radicalism Ahead of Election


The government continues to strive to protect the younger generation from the threat of radicalism, especially ahead of the elections. Because radicalism is a dangerous virus that is capable of creating national disintegration.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) warned about the threats and dangers of radicalism in educational institutions. The Head of State reminded campus leaders to actively monitor all student activities so that they are not exposed to radicalism.

Students need to be careful of the dangers of radicalism in the campus environment which usually hides within religious organizations. They often recruit new students to spread radical and intolerant ideas. This is because students are considered a group that is still unstable and in the process of searching for their ‘identity’, and tend to be more critical of the government, especially regarding injustice, social welfare and so on.

It is important for the younger generation to recognize the characteristics of people or groups who adhere to radical beliefs. First, they generally strongly reject differences of opinion, especially differences in religious beliefs. Second, they also easily convert other people, even fellow Muslims. Third, they often voice certain narratives under the pretext of enforcing religious law, which in the end wants to replace Pancasila with their ideology. Fourth, they always position the West ideologically and politically as a common enemy that threatens the unity of the people. Fifth, they also often invite their members to conduct religious studies or discussions behind closed doors.

In an effort to help the government prevent the spread of radicalism in the campus environment, especially ahead of the 2024 elections, the academic community needs to provide training in accordance with the noble values ​​of religion and the ideology of Pancasila. Carrying out filtering regarding the acceptance of lecturers, staff and students who are required to have a national outlook that does not conflict with the ideology of Pancasila, the 1945 Constitution, Bhineka Tunggal Ika and the Republic of Indonesia.

Then build cooperation between universities and moderate religious organizations to counter-radicalism by spreading religious insights that include diversity. Apart from that, discussions are needed to train critical thinking in a scientific context so that the millennial generation is not easily influenced by radical ideas.

Member of the Presidential Advisory Council (Wantimpres), Sidarto Danusubroto, warned of the dangers of intolerance and radicalism ahead of the 2024 elections which could trigger national divisions. Sidarto said radicalism was able to infiltrate the campus environment to target students.

On the other hand, Chief of Naval Staff (Kasal) Admiral TNI Muhammad Ali said that developing a young generation of Indonesian people with noble morals is a must. One step that can be taken is to utilize information system and technology applications to improve Islamic boarding school management and operations, which includes the use of applications for data bases and financial management, digital libraries, educational curricula, online -based e-learning and other features. This provides the necessary efficiency, transparency and accessibility of information.

By utilizing technology, it is hoped that monitoring of students will be more optimal, faced with the rapid spread of teachings that lead to radicalism, LGBT, heretical teachings and other deviant influences through currently developing technology, for example through social media. .

The East Java Terrorism Prevention Coordination Forum (FKPT) appealed to millennials in Jember Regency to be aware of three dangers for the younger generation, namely the dangers of intolerance, radicalism and the dangers of drugs. Head of the East Java FKPT Youth and Education Division, Dr Bambang Sigit Widodo, said that Indonesia’s future lies with the younger generation, especially in facing the Golden Indonesia 2045.

According to him, intolerant attitudes have a tendency towards radicalism, from attitudes that are classified as radical it will easily lead to acts of terrorism, so FKPT is holding the activity “Socialization of the Dangers of Intolerance, Radicalism and Drugs for the Young Generation”. Indonesia’s future is in the hands of youth, so young people must be tempered with the spirit to be free and be aware of the dangers of intolerance and radicalism.

Democracy certainly does not only belong to the older generation or those who have been involved for a long time. However, the millennial generation must also take part so that change and progress can be realized immediately. has characteristics such as creative, innovative, critical, dynamic and adaptive, which can bring positive changes to the nation’s progress. Of course, young people have access and mastery of information and communication technology.

The younger generation must instill democratic values ​​in the next generation, such as appreciating differences, respecting the rights of others, having polite dialogue, being tolerant and inclusive, and actively participating in social life. The younger generation must utilize social media as a means to convey information, opinions and aspirations that are beneficial to society.

The young generation certainly has a big role in making the 2024 elections a success. In fact, the involvement of the young generation is predicted to be a strategic gateway to a golden Indonesia in 2045. So, it would be very unfortunate if young voters were exposed to radicalism, even though in fact the young generation is an important entity that can maintain its existence and the influence of a policy carried out by a leader.

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