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Government Consistency Supports the 2024 Election on Time for People’s Sovereignty


Jakarta — The Government of Indonesia has the consistency to continue to support the 2024 General Election so that it is on time. This was done in order to realize the sovereignty of the people.

Recently there has been an issue that has been highlighted by the public a lot, namely regarding the decision of the Central Jakarta District Court (PN) which sentenced the KPU to postpone the 2024 election stages.

However, it seems that this decision will not be implemented, because all factions from Commission II of the DPR RI have approved the existence of a Perppu on Elections to be passed into Law (UU).

Member of the West Sumatra Dapil II DPR from the PAN faction, Guspardi Gaus emphasized that general elections are a means of realizing people’s sovereignty.

So that he and his faction continue to press for the establishment of the General Election Perppu to become law soon.

“General elections are a means of realizing people’s sovereignty to produce people’s representatives and a democratic state government. The PAN faction is of the opinion that the stipulation of the Election Perppu to be made into law is urgent to implement immediately,” he said.

Not only that, but according to him, with the ratification of the Election Perppu, it became a law as a form of commitment to carry out the constitutional mandate.

“This election regulation is also a form of crystallization of our commitment to consistently carry out elections as mandated by the constitution,” said Guspardi.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the General Elections Commission (KPU), Hasyim Asy’ari, emphasized that elections every five years must be fought for.

“This is what we have to fight for, we have to try, we try as much as possible so that elections can take place or can be held every five years,” he said.

Firmly he also added that holding elections once every five years is also part of the principle of elections. So that there are not only direct, general, free, confidential, honest and fair principles.

“In fact, regular elections every five years are part of the principle of elections,” said Hasyim.

Furthermore, the holding of elections is also very much in accordance with the model of this nation which adheres to a republic.

“If the model is a republic, then power is in the hands of the people. Then the filling of the position is through elections, the people’s voice is heard. What counts is the people’s vote, which in the modern era is called elections,” he said.

Previously, the KPU decided to appeal the decision of the Central Jakarta District Court which granted the Prima Party’s lawsuit against the KPU to stop the implementation of the 2024 election stages and start from scratch. The appeal document has been submitted to the Central Jakarta District Court.

“Today, the KPU has submitted a memorandum of appeal to the Central Jakarta District Court and then we have submitted the documents,” said Head of Advocacy and Dispute Resolution Bureau Andi Krisna, Friday (10/3).

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