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Government Optimizes Food Storage Development in Papua


Papua is one of the provinces in Indonesia which has great agricultural potential, but still faces challenges in dealing with the ongoing problems of drought and frost and achieving optimal food security. To overcome this, the government has taken strategic steps to strengthen the agricultural sector and ensure adequate food supplies for the Papuan population by building food barns in Papua.

This permanent food barn is one of the medium-term developments that will be carried out by the government. Other developments include road construction and expanding aircraft runways .

This program is in line with the president’s instructions to encourage food security throughout Indonesia by increasing food security through the agriculture, plantation, fisheries and livestock sectors. Therefore, seeing the potential of land in Papua’s mountains which is very fertile, his party is encouraging modern agriculture so that this province will become a food basket in the future.

Acting (Acting) Governor of Papua Mountain Province Nikolaus Kondomo officially opened the Integrated Agricultural Industrial Zone (KIPT) in Tulem Village, Wita Waya District, Jayawijaya Regency on Friday, November 3 2023.

On his occasion, Nikolaus said that he was supporting and encouraging the Papua Mountain Province to become the largest food storage for the land of Papua and Indonesia. He thanked the people of Tulem who had handed over 12 hectares of land to open up industrial area land.

Optimizing the construction of food barns in Papua is an important step to increase food security in the region. By strengthening agricultural infrastructure, empowering local farmers and increasing access to modern agricultural education, the government can accelerate the growth of the agricultural sector in Papua. This support can help meet the food needs of the Papuan population, improve community welfare and support regional economic development.

Yan Yogobi, a Tulem community figure, said that his party had agreed to hand over 12 hectares of land to be used as an Integrated Agricultural Industrial Area in Tulem District, Jayawijaya Regency.

The community also supports and is grateful to the government for helping facilitate modern economic equipment and experts. to encourage us to progress in the field of agriculture in the future.

The government has invested significantly in improving agricultural infrastructure in Papua. The construction of rural roads, irrigation and distribution centers is part of this strategy. By strengthening infrastructure, farmers can more easily access markets, agricultural materials and modern technology needed to increase agricultural yields.

Meanwhile, the Economic Expert Team for Papua Mountain Province, Mujianto, explained that he had just been appointed to this position by Acting Governor Kondomo. Therefore, this is his first breakthrough program. He wants farmers to be trained and produce higher production. Because the land in the Papua Mountains is very fertile.

Mujianto said that a program to develop farmers had been carried out on the island of Sumatra. They had successfully planted rice, shallots and vegetables and representatives had been called to help the people of Mountain Papua to grow crops on a large scale.

Empowering local farmers is the key to success in optimizing food storage in Papua. The government provides training and assistance to farmers to increase their knowledge of efficient and sustainable agricultural practices. Assistance programs for superior seeds, fertilizers and pesticides are also provided to increase agricultural productivity

The government has also provided assistance with work tools and business capital for farmers in Tulem Village. Meanwhile, the agricultural work equipment assistance handed over by Acting. Governor Kondomo symbolically addressed local farmers with machetes, shovels, crowbars and hammer and sickles.

Acting Governor Kondomo said he hoped that the people of the 8 districts would hold machetes, shovels and crowbars to start digging the land and planting plants that could generate money to support themselves. Therefore, seeing the potential of land in Papua’s mountains which is very fertile, his party is encouraging modern agriculture so that this province will become a food basket in the future.

Optimizing the development of food barns in Papua will have a significant positive impact on local communities. With increased agricultural output, Papuans have better access to nutritious food. Apart from that, increasing the income of local farmers also improves the overall economic welfare of the community.

Chairman of the Keledei Farmers Group, Dimantus Yelipele, expressed his gratitude on behalf of the farmers to the Acting Governor of Mountainous Papua who had come directly to see the community and had provided business capital, including building a warehouse to store harvests and work tools.

Through strategic steps to strengthen agricultural infrastructure, empower local farmers, and increase access to modern agricultural education, this is the government’s effort to optimize the development of food storage in Papua. By continuing to strengthen these initiatives, Papua can become an example of success in achieving food security and improving the welfare of its people.

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