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Greeted Extraordinarily, The Indonesian Women’s Esport National Team Brings Home SEA GAMES Gold


Banten – Deputy Secretary General of PBESI Dr. I Gede Made Kartikajaya said he was extremely proud of the Indonesian Esport Women’s National Team who had brought gold to Indonesia in the Esport branch at SEA GAMES Cambodia.

“Extremely proud of you who have brought gold to Indonesia in the Esport branch,” said Deputy Secretary General of PBESI Dr. I Gede Made Kartikajaya when picking up the Indonesian Esport Women’s National Team at Soekarno Hatta Airport, Friday 12/5/2023.

Furthermore, the Deputy Secretary General of PBESI expressed his gratitude to the gold medalists in Esport Mobile Legends Mobile Legends: Bang-Bang (MLBB) Putri.

“I would like to thank all of you who won the Esport Mobile Legends Gold medal in Mobile Legends: Bang-Bang (MLBB) Putri, for achieving the highest achievement in the Cambodian Sea Games, concluded I Gede Made Kartikajaya.

He hopes that Indonesia will get another gold medal in the Esport branch because there are still 3 more teams that are still competing in the Sea Games.

“We hope that this is not all, there are still 3 more teams that are still competing in the Cambodian Sea Games. “Hopefully the 3 teams will get the same achievement, namely a gold medal for Indonesia,” he said.

According to him, the Ketum PB ESI General Purn. Budi Gunawan ordered him to pick up Indonesian esports heroes.

After that, the Indonesian Esports Women’s National Team will gather at PB Esport to celebrate together the victory as Indonesian Esport heroes, explained Deputy Secretary General of Esport Indonesia.

“In the future, we hope that others will follow your steps as the winner to win a gold medal at the Sea Games,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian women’s esports athlete who won a gold medal, Vivian expressed her feelings of joy and pride because she could be of use to the country so that she could bring home the SEA GAMES gold medal to her homeland.

“I feel very happy, proud and did not expect to be an athlete and be useful for the country and feel like I have a responsibility for the country. Everyone hopes for us too, keep trying their best and in totality so that they get gold in SEA GAMES Cambodia,” said Vivian.

Vivian further said that the preparations had been very mature with the guidance carried out by PBESI under the leadership of the General Chairperson of PBESI General Pol (Purn) Budi Gunawan, so that he could bring a Gold Medal to Indonesia.

“In order to continue to achieve and maintain the gold medal, we will continue to play, continue to practice and we will always want to learn,” said Vivian.

When we see someone running, we want to run again, not wanting to be chased. So we will continue to practice and practice, Vivian added.

On the same occasion, the Central Executive of the Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI), Icuk Sugiarto, said congratulations to the Indonesian esports women’s national team who have made achievements and made Indonesia’s name in the Esport branch even more glorious.

“This victory will be a trigger for Indonesian esports athletes. “Hopefully it will not only win at the Sea Games but also at other international stages,” concluded Icuk.

“Making this victory our challenge is that Indonesian esports can excel not only at the Asean level but at the Asian level and even at the world level,” he said.

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