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Having an extraordinary track record, the people of West Sumatra support Ganjar Pranowo in the 2024 presidential election


Ganjar Pranowo is a presidential candidate (candidate) who is loved by the people of Indonesia, including the people of West Sumatra (West Sumatra). They will unanimously vote for Ganjar in the upcoming 2024 elections. The people of West Sumatra see him as an accomplished figure and are committed to advancing Indonesia.

The 2024 election is in sight and in a few months there will be a campaign period for the presidential candidate. The Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) has announced that its presidential candidate in the upcoming elections is Ganjar Pranowo. The man who currently serves as Governor of Central Java carries out the party’s mandate and becomes a candidate for a good quality leader.

Ganjar Pranowo is a suitable presidential candidate to lead this country, because he is determined to eradicate poverty, not only in Central Java but also in Indonesia. As a figure who has experience in leading, he wants to be head of state to prosper the people. The community supports Ganjar as the ideal presidential candidate and wins him in the 2024 elections.

The people of West Sumatra will also unanimously elect Ganjar as president in the 2024 election. Hundreds of Minangkabau religious and traditional leaders have expressed their support for Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo as a candidate for RI President in the 2024 presidential election.

Minangkabau charismatic cleric Tuanku Bagindo H. Mohammad stated that Ganjar Pranowo was indeed very worthy to be president of Indonesia. The reason is because he has the potential and very strong character to be able to unite all people in the country.

Tuanku Bagindo H. Mohammad continued, Ganjar has a slogan that is ‘My Lord is the People, Position is Only a Mandate’. It is clear that the slogan is able to become a benchmark that the figure is a leader who has very high morality. Antaran has many advantages which are the criteria for being the most ideal leader for Indonesia in the future, so it is not surprising why support for Ganjar Pranowo can continue to expand.

Scholars and the people of W Sumatra believe that Ganjar Pranowo has a very good track record and leadership experience. Therefore, they are confident that they will vote for him in the upcoming 2024 elections. There is no doubt at all because Ganjar is the most appropriate figure to become President of Indonesia.

Ganjar Pranowo was chosen because he has a positive track record and outstanding achievements. First, he is known to be firm and anti-KKN (corruption, collusion and nepotism). When there was a visit to one of the schools, he was surprised because there was a school principal who made a fee, even though the rule was that public schools were free. Finally, the headmaster was reprimanded and the levy was returned.

Then, Ganjar Pranowo received the ‘Puanakawan Governor’ award given by the MarkPlus Institute together with Jenderal Soedirman University (Unsoed) at the opening of the 2023 Indonesian Marketing Festival (IMF), in the city of Semarang.

Founder & Chairman of the MarkPlus Institute, Hermawan Kartajaya, said that the Governor Punakawan award was given after observing and evaluating for approximately 10 years. During his two terms as Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo was considered to have the characteristics or character of a Punakawan.

Hermawan Kartawijaya added, Ganjar is a governor but also a servant (of the community). The punakawan in Javanese stories, the Javanese Mahabharata, actually comes as if he is a servant, even though he is an adviser.

Praise from Hermawan Kartawijaya is not just praise, but reality. In reality, Ganjar appeared as a ‘servant’ of society. Therefore it is only natural that the citizens of West Sumatra and all Indonesian people are determined to win Ganjar in the 2024 elections.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Minangkabau Natural Density Institute (LKAAM) Fauzi Bahar said the West Sumatran clerics agreed to support Ganjar.

According to him, Ganjar is a leader who is simple, humble, honest, and understands the aspirations of the grassroots.

Ganjar Pranowo has been known to be close to the common people. tackling poverty through the “Tuku Lemah By Omah” program (buying land, getting a house). After successfully building 639 houses for the poor from 2020 to 2022, they are now starting to build 615 houses in 2023.

The instant panel housing assistance (Ruspin) has begun, including in Tanjuganom Village, Gabus District, Pati Regency. As many as 17 underprivileged residents in the local village received assistance from the program.

Ganjar Pranowo stated that the program to buy land for houses is an interesting program and enjoyed by residents. Residents who do not own land will be assisted with the credit process at the bank. Later, residents will only repay the land, and the house will be built by the Provincial Government of Central Java.

Indonesia needs leaders who are determined to eradicate poverty and care for the poor. Poor condition is a scourge for Indonesian citizens because without money they cannot live properly. Therefore Ganjar determined to overcome poverty in this country. The people of West Sumatra support Ganjar Pranowo as Indonesian President next year. He is considered as the most suitable figure as the leader of this country. The community is determined to win Ganjar in the upcoming 2024 elections.

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