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Hundreds of Kyai and Cirebon Santri Support Ganjar as President in 2024


CIREBON — Hundreds of clerics and students in Cirebon have fully supported the PDI Perjuangan presidential candidate, Ganjar Pranowo, as President in 2024.

One of the students named Nirwana (15) also prayed that Ganjar would always be given health and that he could become the nation’s future leader.

“Very friendly and handsome. Anyway, Pak Ganjar is the best. We pray for Mr. Ganjar to always be healthy, blessed with his fortune and hopefully become president. Amen,” shouted the students in unison.

On this occasion, the Governor of Central Java also chatted with KH Ibnu Ubaidillah Syatori and received several messages and were prayed for by the ulama in Cirebon.

“Of course I’m happy, I can get advice and be prayed for. Earlier, we got messages about kindness,” concluded Ganjar.

The presence of the 54-year-old leader at the Dar Al Tauhid Islamic Boarding School, Arjawinangun, Cirebon was immediately greeted with great enthusiasm from all the kyai and students there.

The atmosphere in the hut became very boisterous because they were all so enthusiastic about welcoming Ganjar and scrambling to shake hands.

“It was really nice to meet Pak Ganjar in person. Usually, you only see it on TikTok, you can meet and shake hands directly,” said Nirwana.

Widespread support for the figure of the PDI Perjuangan Cadre is also due to all his achievements as a leader, one of which is the success of this white-haired man in realizing gender equality in Central Java.

Head of Central Java BPS, Dadang Hardiwan revealed that there has been a decrease in gender inequality in the province.

“Indicates that gender inequality is getting smaller or equality is getting better,” he said.

Since the last five years, which was during Ganjar Pranowo’s leadership, the gender inequality index in Central Java has consistently decreased.

“Central Java IKG for the last five years from 2018-2020 has consistently decreased,” said Dadang.

It’s not half-hearted, even now the position of IKG in Central Java is in the third national position, which is able to outperform the Provinces of East Java and West Java.

“The position of the Central Java IKG in Java Island occupies the third position after DIJ and DKI Jakarta. However, when compared to other provinces, gender equality in Central Java is better than East Java, West Java and Banten,” said Dadang.

Based on data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) of Central Java, the GCI in 2022 was recorded to have decreased until now it has reached 0.371, which in 2021 the figure will be 0.377.

The existence of these data indicates that the disparity in roles between men and women is getting smaller, which means that gender equality is more balanced.

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