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Hundreds of Sragen Sugarcane Farmers Declaration of Support for Ganjar Pranowo President 2024

SRAGEN — Hundreds of sugar cane farmers in Jenar District, Sragen Regency, Central Java Province very unitedly made a declaration to fully support Ganjar Pranowo as President 2024.
Of course, this is not without reason, because the PDI Perjuangan presidential candidate is considered capable of supporting the improvement of the welfare of farmers and workers, including sugar cane farmers.
No half-hearted, even the sugar cane farmers also come from several remote villages such as Banyuurip, Dawung, Ngepringan, Kandang Sapi, Japoh, Mlale and Jenar villages.
All the sugar cane farmers very enthusiastically gave their support to Ganjar Pranowo with shouts and songs.
PDI Perjuangan legislative candidate for electoral district Sragen 4, Supriyanto, who also attended the declaration event, admitted that the sugar cane farmers were very optimistic.
“The farmers who attended were so enthusiastic about supporting Pak Ganjar. 
They hope that the government’s alignment will be even better for sugarcane farmers,” he said.
On the same occasion, the Treasurer of the DPC PDI Perjuangan Sragen, Sugiyamto, considered that the figure of Ganjar Pranowo was indeed a leader that the community needed, especially sugar cane farmers because of his firmness and authority.
“Why are we declaring support for Pak Ganjar, sugarcane farmers need a leader who is firm, authoritative, and also sides with the little people like sugarcane farmers,” he said.
Furthermore, for him how the 54-year-old man’s leadership experience as Governor of Central Java has indeed had a program that is very much in line with sugarcane farmers, namely the acceleration of self-sufficiency in sugar through food sovereignty.
With this food sovereignty effort, it is able to initiate the food barn movement to local food processing.
Therefore, it is not surprising why sugarcane farmers are very optimistic in giving their full support to Ganjar Pranowo because he is considered capable of bringing progress in national sugarcane production and availability.
The role of the sugarcane farmers is also very large for this nation, so that with the leadership of the man who was born in Karanganyar Regency, they are increasingly able to prosper them.
“Cane farmers are the bottom line who make the biggest contribution to sugar self-sufficiency. 
“Not only in agriculture, but sugar is a priority need for the Indonesian people,” added Sugiyamto.
Support for the white-haired leader continues to expand, including in Surabaya. 
Even a number of young volunteers supporting the PDI Perjuangan cadres also performed music and sang together opposite the Majapahit Hotel.
It is known that this location also coincided with the Anies-Cak Imin declaration event.
A number of volunteers played musical instruments and also continued to sing, shouting Ganjar Pranowo’s name.

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