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IKN Becomes a Super Sophisticated Capital City


Jakarta – The National Capital (IKN) of the Archipelago is the capital of a super-sophisticated future. The plan at IKN will be equipped with vehicles in the form of flying cars. In addition, at IKN there are also electric vehicles that are modern and environmentally friendly. IKN is the capital city that all Indonesian citizens are proud of.

The nation’s capital is still under construction and will become a city that has a new civilization in Indonesia. IKN Nusantara is designed as a capital city that is both modern and green. Later, IKN will become a proud center of government, because it is very well designed and shows the face of Indonesia in the eyes of the international community.

IKN has become a new civilization in Indonesia, and is a place that is both modern and environmentally friendly and minimal in carbon. A capital city will be built in a modern way while preserving forests in Kalimantan.

Deputy for Green and Digital Transformation of the Nusantara Capital Authority (OIKN), Mohammed Ali Berawi stated that the Head of the Nusantara Capital Authority, Bambang Susantono and Hyundai Motor Group signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to work together to build an Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) smart mobility ecosystem. in Indonesia. Later, flying cars will be tested at IKN in 2024.

Ali Berawi continued, this collaboration aims to develop flying cars. This development is the first time for Indonesia, while in the world the flying car concept is also still under development. There are already stages, starting from joint studies , joint research , we are doing this to mean that we hope we will become one of the development centers.

Ali also said flying cars resembling a drone could contain passengers and goods. One of its functions is to make it easier to reach areas that are difficult to reach by road and hills.

The government will build IKN not for 2024, but for 2045. It is hoped that in that year the technology will be sufficient to realize IKN as a smart city . Maybe people are still confused about the idea of ​​flying cars, because it could only be put into operation in 2035. By testing flying cars, they will become one of the pioneers in technology development. There will be a technological leap in IKN and it is very proud.

This flying car technology has not yet been mass-produced, so it still requires various developments. Currently, OIKN is developing technology that can be used for 2035, including flying cars. Hopefully Indonesia can become an agent for the development of flying cars in the future.

The existence of a flying car at IKN is something to be proud of and at the same time surprising. People are curious as to what kind of vehicle? When the car was tested at IKN, it was very proud, and proved that the new capital city was very sophisticated.

IKN was indeed designed as an ultra-modern capital city and a world-class city. In addition to flying cars, the IKN will be designed in such a way that only electric vehicles are allowed to pass through the IKN. Therefore the development of supporting infrastructure continues to be carried out. Then, modern technology was also applied there.

Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Basuki Hadimuljono stated that the development of the State Capital City in East Kalimantan continues to be accelerated. The IKN Nusantara project brings a lot of technology and will become a world-class city.

Minister Basuki added, in the development process, three achievement targets for IKN were determined to become a world-class city in the future. IKN will be a 10-minute town designed for pedestrians. Second, 75% of the IKN area is green space. Third, IKN is included in the 10 best, smart and active livable cities in the world.

IKN will be a city in 10 minutes because public transportation is very easy. The plan is to build a rail network at IKN Nusantara, which will start in 2025. This train has excited the people of Kalimantan because this is the first time this mode of transportation has been there. They can experience the train ride that starts from Balikpapan to the main city of IKN (Nusantara).

Railways make IKN a world-class city because it makes it easier for residents to come and go from the archipelago. In addition, it is certain that the train line will not cut through the forest, so it will be environmentally friendly.

The plan is to create a modern traffic system and vehicles with very minimal emission electric cars/motorcycles. With these vehicles, smooth mobility as well as environmentally friendly. Electric cars/motorcycles do not emit thick and black smoke at the exhaust, like conventional vehicles.

IKN is a super smart capital city because it is planned to have flying cars as vehicles used by its residents. With this new type of car, it is hoped that it will reach more remote places and make development more equitable. Apart from that, the IKN is also proclaimed as a modern city because only electric vehicles are allowed to pass through.

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