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IKN Nusantara Will Become a World Class City


The Indonesian National Capital ( IKN ) will become a world-class city. Where IKN is the first forest city in the world that is environmentally friendly. In addition, IKN is very sophisticated and people move around with electric vehicles. IKN will be a brilliant capital city and make the Indonesian people proud.

The national capital will be moved from the previous one on Java Island to Kalimantan Island, North Penajam Paser to be precise. This transfer is of course complemented by infrastructure development in the form of the Presidential Palace building, ministerial housing, ASN, and other buildings. All were established because IKN is a capital city that is complete in terms of buildings and facilities, and will be even better than DKI Jakarta.

IKN Nusantara will become a world-class city. The Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Basuki Hadimuljono stated that the development of the National Capital City in East Kalimantan continues to be accelerated. The IKN project brings a lot of technology and will become a world-class city.

Minister Basuki added that in the development process, three achievement targets for IKN were determined to become a world-class city in the future. IKN will be a 10-minute town designed for pedestrians. Second, 75% of the IKN area is green space. Third, IKN is included in the 10 best, smart and active livable cities in the world.

IKN will be a city in 10 minutes because public transportation is very easy. The plan is to build a rail network at IKN Nusantara, which will start in 2025. This train has excited the people of Kalimantan because this is the first time this mode of transportation has been there. They can experience the train ride that starts from Balikpapan to the main city of IKN (Nusantara).

Railways make IKN a world-class city because it makes it easier for residents to come and go from the archipelago. In addition, it is certain that the train line will not cut through the forest, so it will be environmentally friendly.

The plan is to create a modern traffic system and vehicles with very minimal emission electric cars/motorcycles. With these vehicles, smooth mobility as well as environmentally friendly. Electric cars/motorcycles do not emit thick and black smoke at the exhaust, like conventional cars/motorcycles.

Then, IKN was designed as a green city with the majority of open green spaces. The construction of the IKN will not cut down trees in Kalimantan, instead the city will be included in the forest area.

The Governor of East Kalimantan, Isran Noor stated that the construction of the IKN would not damage the surrounding environment. He dares to guarantee because IKN is a modern city but does not damage the environment.

Governor Isran Noor continued, IKN is a forest city so it doesn’t damage the existing nature. Construction with zero emissions. IKN restores the condition of the forest as before. Forests in IKN are production forests, not natural forests. To restore it (the forest), the government has made nurseries in the Mentawir, Sepaku, Kutai Kartanegara areas.

In a 25 hectare nursery, endemic (local) plants such as meranti, bengkirai, etc. will be planted. Every year, this nursery will produce a minimum of 20 million trees. Trees from all over Indonesia will also be planted there.

Nurseries are made to supply so that the buildings in IKN will have lots of plants and trees around them. The concept of IKN is a forest city so the city is in the forest. The city was built without destroying the forest, but in a beautiful forest area but still modern.

Therefore, the community does not need to worry because the construction of IKN is truly zero emission and does not damage the environment. There is even a nursery where the trees continue to grow. IKN Nusantara will be very cool, different from the hot DKI Jakarta . IKN will become a world-class city that is environmentally friendly.

A world-class city besides being environmentally friendly must also be flood-free. IKN Orotita Secretary Jaka Adiwijaya stated that   the Head of the Authority (Bambang Susantono) had made various efforts to mitigate flooding, including by building weirs, ponds and retention ponds which were carried out by the PUPR Ministry which are currently still running.

Jaka added, there would be the construction of flood control infrastructure in the Watershed (DAS) and the preparation of an integrated Watershed Management Plan in the IKN and forest and land rehabilitation by the Mahakam Berau BPDAS. With the construction of dams and other mitigation efforts, it is certain that IKN is free from flooding, unlike DKI Jakarta.

IKN Nusantara will become a world-class city. Where the concept is very unique, namely a green city that is environmentally friendly as well as a modern city where people use electric vehicles. The IKN is also guaranteed to be flood-free so that its residents are safe and not afraid of disaster there.

)* The author is a contributor to the Cross Nusamedia Institute

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