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Increasing the Potential of the Young Generation of Papua, Jokowi Inaugurates the Papua Street Carnival


President Joko Widodo opened the Papua Street Carnival event which was held around the Governor of Papua’s office, Jayapura city, Papua, on July 7 2023. The Papua Street Carnival is an event organized by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy together with PYCH assisted by BIN.

President Joko Widodo officially opened the event. “By asking for the blessings and grace of God Almighty, this morning I officially declare the Papua Street Carnival opened and started,” said the President.

The Papua Street Carnival event is an event that is able to develop the talents and potential of the young generation of Papua. The Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) which organizes this event proves that the young generation of Papua has a lot of potential to support national development.

“Seeing the progress of PYCH, it was shown to me. I believe young Papuans will make a big leap,” said the president.

The President considered that PYCH was capable of making big leaps in the development of creative industries in Papua. This can be seen from the products produced by PYCH that were exhibited at the Papua Street Carnival.

“Please enter the exhibition location and see for yourself how the packaging of Papuan products is called, be it coffee, be it smoked fish, and other products,” he said.

“Regarding fashion designers, the leap is really obvious. Very good designs are packed in packaging, in packaging whose brand is very well designed, “continued the President.

As is known, PYCH also creates technology-based products, namely mobile phones and laptops. In addition, there are applications created by innovative young Papuans.

“The Minister of Parekraf said earlier, producing mobile phones, producing laptops, this was not done in western Indonesia but in eastern Indonesia in the Land of Papua. A leap,” he concluded.

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